test-What is the Cholesterol Content of Salmon Oil?
What is the Cholesterol Content of Salmon Oil?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • October 21, 2011
Question: What is the cholesterol content of salmon oil. Is there an amount that is too much? Is Lipitor contraindicated?

Good news! When it comes to cholesterol, salmon oil has next to none. All oils will have some very small amount of cholesterol in them, but a softgel will have limited space and minimal levels of cholesterol (most commonly less than 5mg, which is less than 2% of the RDA). The label will state the exact amount, so always check there.

As far as how much is too much, that would be a good question to discuss with your doctor or a nutritionist/dietitian. You definitely wouldn’t get too much from a fish oil without overdosing on fish oil, however.

When it comes to any prescriptions, you’d want to ask your doctor or your pharmacist about interactions, as they will have access to a database of drug and supplement interactions that they can check, whereas we have no information about drugs.