test-Save a Child’s Life on World Health Day
Save a Child’s Life on World Health Day
Health Tips • April 7, 2011
Today is World Health Day. It marks the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO). World Health Day “provides a unique opportunity for communities from across the world to come together for one day to promote actions that can improve our health.” Each year, the WHO chooses an important health issue facing the world and builds a campaign of education and awareness. This year, they are focusing on a significant threat to modern medicine: drug-resistant microorganisms, also known as antimicrobial resistance.

Here at Swanson Health Products, we chose another cause that has been near and dear to us for many years: child health and nutrition. This year, like last, you can help us make a difference in the lives of thousands of children who are in great need of basic, life-saving nutrition.

So what can you do? It’s simple: Shop today.

We’re donating 5% of today’s sales from SwansonVitamins.com to Vitamin Angels, a non-profit whose mission brings them around the world, providing vitamins and supplements to infants and children under 5. Their goal is to reduce child mortality worldwide, and today you can help them reach that goal.

For more on this opportunity—today only— click here.