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Organic Garden Seeds Now Available at Swanson
Courtney K. • March 18, 2013

Growing up in North Dakota, January and February always felt like the worst months of a seemingly interminable winter. That … hasn’t changed, unfortunately. However as an adult and a homeowner, I’m happy to have a hobby that keeps me busy thinking of warmer months: my garden. This year, I can get a whole bunch of the seeds I need right here at work! Did you know Swanson sells organic vegetable seeds?

High Mowing Organic Seeds are cultivated on a network of certified organic seed farms in Vermont, New York, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and California run by growers who are committed to producing non-GMO seed.

It's getting to be time to set up the plant light (and cat barricade) for the seeds I can start indoors—yummy options like healthy Red Russian Kale, fragrant Sweet Basil, and juicy Heirloom Brandywine Tomatoes. Swanson has all the garden staples, including direct-sow seeds like snap peas and bush beans. Granted, it's almost three months before I can safely put plants in the ground, but we’re just not going to think about that now, right? No need to get ahead of myself.

The Healthy Home section may be one of the best kept secrets on our website. Check it out, and grab a vegetable brush while you're there!



And I want to hear about your favorite gardening tips and tricks. What do you like to grow? Are you going to try our organic seeds?