test-Fruitflow vs. Lycopene
Fruitflow vs. Lycopene
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • October 28, 2011
Question: What is the difference between your lycopene products and Fruitflow. Your advertisement says Fruitflow is Lycoperisicon esculentum. This is the scientific name for tomato. Lycopene comes from the skin and seeds of tomatoes. So what is the difference? Is there more lycopene in Fruitflow than your other lycopene products?

Lycopene is just one nutrient that can be derived from tomatoes. Fruitflow delivers another group of nutrients that is derived from tomatoes. Yes, you’re exactly right that Lycopersicon Esculentum is the proper Latin name for the species of tomatoes used, but there are different nutrients that we can take from it. It’s kind of like saying that you can get Vitamin C from an orange and you can also get bioflavonoids from an orange. Both are entirely different nutrients that exist in the same plant and each can be isolated from the other.

Fruitflow is processed as a water-soluble concentrate from the tomato and has no Lycopene in it, so any other product that lists Lycopene as an ingredient will have more of it than Fruitflow.