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DIY All Natural Hand Soap
Ashley G • June 28, 2010
Summer is in the air, which means here in the Midwest, we are finally outside! Being outside means taking part in numerous activities, which often means getting our hands dirty. From gardening to playing sports, our hands are active non-stop. Having a dog, a cat, and a hunter of a husband I am always trying out different natural health resources for soap and other cleansers.

This is the one I currently have by my sink, Avalon Organics Hand Soap in Lavender. Now, I am a tad curious as to how to make it on my own.

You can make your own natural liquid soap very easily. You can also customize your liquid soap with herbs and other natural ingredients like aromatherapy oils. Your homemade liquid soap can be used for different green cleaning tasks around the house, or for personal use. Natural liquid soap is very trustworthy being that it replaces harsh detergents.

  • Buy a bar of natural organic soap. Slice or grate the bar into a dish.If you are grating the soap, be very careful not to hurt your hands on the grater. Those things are sharp and it will take some muscle power to grate your soap.
  • Heat one gallon of distilled water (one gallon is also 16 cups). Use as little as three cups for a thick consistency. The water doesn't have to boil; the water should get heated enough to steam.When the distilled water is almost boiling, add the grated or sliced soap. Remove the mixture from the heat. The soap will melt on its own at this point. You just need to come back to it in about fifteen minutes to blend thoroughly. Use a hand mixer if you have one handy. Stir until the soap is completely melted and let sit overnight.
  • The next day, check the soap mixture for complete melting and blending. Blend one more time and let set for ten minutes and then blend again. The liquid soap should now be thickened and ready to use.

Try it out, let us know how it goes. From now on, maybe all you will use is all natural hand soap!

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