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Where Can I Buy Sulfur Tablets?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • April 22, 2011
Why can't I find any sulfur tablets now a days. Sulfur is good for several things, and we can't find any anywhere. MSM is not pure sulfur.
I've tried to order some from natural stores and they tell me it is back ordered which could mean anything. Do you have any suggestions and why doesn't Swanson carry any?

MSM is an organic form of sulfur which is naturally occurring in plants which we use for food, and is has high bioavailability. By weight, MSM is 34% sulfur. In nature, ocean plankton produce dimethyl sulfide; the dimelthyl sulfide is converted to MSM and DMSO by ultraviolet light in the atmosphere which is carried by rain to the earth where it is absorbed into soil and incorporated into plants. MSM is found in animal tissues, fruits, vegetables and grains, but it is easily lost in storage and food preparation. MSM supplements provide a concentrated, highly bioavailable supply of dietary sulfur.

The only other sulfur compound which is generally available is DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide). DMSO is used as an industrial solvent, and it is used as a supplement in topical applications only. The main problem with DMSO is that it will serve as a carrier and transport any surface contaminant on the skin into the body. It also presents problems with shipping since postal carriers and delivery personnel could be inadvertently exposed to it if there was any breakage; the main concern would be with whatever contaminants might be carried into the skin with the DMSO with accidental exposure.


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