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Where Are Swanson Vitamins Made?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • May 12, 2012
Question: I have just ordered my first supplements from Swanson's. Could you please tell me where they are manufactured.

Thank you for the question. The answer really varies from product to product. The reason for this is really very simple: no single location in the world is able to produce all the ingredients needed to manufacture the thousands of products we offer. It’s simply not possible to source everything from one place.… Flax requires colder growing conditions (like in Canada) while some tropical superfruits require much warmer, tropical climates (like Tahiti). Neither can physically grow in the other region. Because of that, we must get our products from different growing locations around the world.

We do work very closely with our manufacturers. We specify, for example, that they must be compliant with GMP quality control rules and regulations that cover all aspects of the dietary supplement manufacturing process...

How Do We Guarantee Quality?
Our manufacturing partners must provide a Certificate of Analysis verifying the product meets the label claims and specifications for the listed ingredient(s). We require them to test for bacterial pathogens, and we also require them to test for heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic. Our partners must also verify that the products meet California’s Proposition 65 requirements and are compliant with FDA regulations.

In-House Testing
When we receive the product, we send samples to independent third-party labs for quality control testing to once again verify the product meets label claims. In addition, we have an in-house laboratory that does spot-testing for heavy metals. Any products which do not pass our quality control testing are returned to the manufacturer.