test-What is the Best Way to Get Exercise Outside During the Winter?
What is the Best Way to Get Exercise Outside During the Winter?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • July 16, 2011
Question: What is the best way to get exercise outside during the winter?

When the mercury in the thermometer starts dipping, it doesn’t mean that you have to cease exercising outside. You just have to adjust your workout routine so your body is better prepared for the cold air. It’s important that you remember to warm up before your workout. Cold muscles are tight and more susceptible to strains. Sudden exertion in cold air can also cause a spike in blood pressure or trigger asthma attacks. Remember to cool down, too, to prevent your blood pressure from dropping.

Dress the part for winter workouts by wearing layers. You should use clothes that will keep you warm, but at the same time allow sweat to escape. You’re bound to get warm during exercise, so wear layers and shed them as needed to stay comfortable. Keep in mind what your mother told you as a child—don’t go out without a hat and gloves. You’ll need the protection.

There’s less daylight during the winter, so if you work during the day, your outdoor workouts might take place in the dark. Make sure to have white or brightly-colored clothing or reflective pieces. This way, drivers will be able to see you more easily.

Finally, keep hydrated. You might not feel as thirsty during cold weather workouts as you would during warm weather, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink. Staying hydrated supports your body heat regulation. Grab a drink before your workout and keep the water flowing during exercise.

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