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SlimStyles™ with PGX Helps Control Hunger
Kerry A. • June 23, 2010

As my profile states, I could use some weight loss help for women. While perusing the Swanson Vitamins website for new products to try out, I typed in "meal replacement" and found SlimStyles™ with PGX™. So, I bought some solely based on what the product page had to say. What got me was "low glycemic index" and "PGX™--the weight control breakthrough."

Have you heard about PGX™ yet? It is a blend of highly purified soluble fibers designed to help maintain weight loss by curbing appetite and as part of a natural health diet. It's different than herbal weight loss programs like green tea that focus on boosting your metabolism. When added to liquid, PGX™ absorbs over 600 times its weight in water. After being ingested in the form of a shake or drink mix, over the next 1.5 to 2 hours PGX™ will thicken and expand as it absorbs water in the body. Basically, it expands in your stomach to help keep your food cravings down.

The SlimStyles™ website states, "The Canadian Center for Functional Medicine found that participants following the SlimStyles™ weight loss program consistently lost up to two pounds per week which was primarily body fat. In addition to the loss in body fat, the SlimStyles™ weight loss program maintained lean muscle mass and did not affect body water levels. Their metabolic rate was normalized, making it easier to keep the weight off – no rebounding effect. (These results may vary and depend on successful participation in the SlimStyles™® weight loss program.)" Based on my limited use so far, I have to say, I believe it!

I recently tried SlimStyles™ Double Chocolate Meal Replacement Drink Mix. Here's how I'm using it: I'm only drinking it as a meal replacement during work hours. I mix up 1/2 of the shake portion, and drink it somewhat quickly. Then I either continue working, or go run errands during my lunch hour. An hour or so later, I will either mix up the second 1/2 or else I wait until I start feeling cravings and then I mix it up. Some days, I only mix up the first portion! (Note: I say "drink quickly" not because of the taste. The first day I tried the shake, I mixed it up at home then took it to work. At the end of my 45 minute commute, my shake was as thick as pudding. I wound up throwing it out.)

An awesome side effect seems to be that I no longer want to finish my plate on the days that I drink the shake. I went to my favorite burrito place with my husband for lunch one day. I usually finish my burrito and wind up feeling over-stuffed. That day I didn't even want to finish it. But I wasn't stuffed. Just satisfied. I took a little less than 1/2 my burrito home for leftovers. (Another good side effect, I have yummy leftovers!) I've noticed this several times after having a shake for lunch. Even on the days that I only drink 1/2 the recommended amount, I don't have those nighttime cravings. The SlimStyles™ website helps you even further by providing a few helpful tools to help track food intake and weight loss. Now I just have to stick to it, (and stop going out to eat with co-workers!).

The SlimStyles™ website lists that PGX™ has been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce appetite comfortably and safely (So far, I agree)
  • Reduce hypoglycemic food cravings (So far, I agree)
  • Promote glucose balance

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