test-Other Than Fiber, What Do You Suggest to Cleanse the System?
Other Than Fiber, What Do You Suggest to Cleanse the System?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • April 14, 2011

Question: Do you have any suggestions for a cleansing/detoxifying product without the glutens, including oats, which I am unable to use? I am particularly interested in something that covers bowel, kidneys, lungs, skin, and lymphatic systems.

I highly suggest chlorella for you! It has all the cleansing action you want and is appropriate for those who refrain from products with gluten. Unlike other green supplements including barley and wheatgrass, chlorella does not contain seeds, which may be a concern for you. I highly recommend the online book www.chlorellafactor.com to learn the many ways chlorella benefits a person's health. Detoxification is specifically discussed on page 28. It's no wonder that in-the-news dermatologist Dr. N.V. Perricone includes it as one of the top ten superfoods in his latest book The Perricone Promise.

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