test-Should I Use Both Glucosamine  &  MicroLactin for Joint Health
Should I Use Both Glucosamine & MicroLactin for Joint Health
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • January 30, 2011
Question: I already take glucosamine for my joints but saw that you carry a product called MicroLactin. Is there any advantage to taking both of them?

Absolutely! Just like detergent and fabric softener are perfect partners for clean, fresh laundry, glucosamine and MicroLactin are highly compatible and complementary because their modes of operation are different. Glucosamine is a major building block of cartilage and it provides added nourishment for strength and flexibility, MicroLactin works with the body's natural mechanism to help maintain healthy joints. In fact, we offer a MicroLactin and Glucosamine combination as item Swanson Ultra MicroLactin/Glucosamine Joint Complex.

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