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Feel Better Now with Super-Strength Japanese Plum Extract

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products®

Lee Swanson

In my many travels around the United States and overseas to various natural health conventions and conferences, one of my most enjoyable pastimes is searching out exciting new health products that I feel will benefit you.

I was attending a health conference in Tokyo, Japan, when I picked up a copy of an English-language newspaper. In the paper was a lengthy article about a super concentrated Japanese plum extract called “Mumefural” that was taking the country by storm. According to the article, millions of Japanese people were now taking this product and reaping tremendous health benefits from it. Those benefits were many, varied and truly wonderful.

Japanese Plum: A short history and personal testimonial

Ume plum

After reading the newspaper article about Mumefural, I attended a dinner that evening and asked my Japanese business associates about this particular Japanese plum. My associates told me that the “Ume,” or Japanese plum, is an important part of Japanese heritage. For 1,500 years the Japanese have eaten “Umeboshi,” which is the whole Japanese plum but with a twist: it is pickled with a natural herb, perilla, that gives it an extremely tart taste. 

The next morning I rejoined my business associates for a traditional Japanese breakfast and sampled for myself the much talked-about Umeboshi plum from the night before. My first reaction to eating it was, “Something this tart and zesty has to be good for you!” In fact, one of my friends brought with him to breakfast a famous quote by noted British author and Japanese food authority Robbie Swinnerton, which describes the experience of eating Umeboshi as the culinary equivalent of a cold shower. Swinnerton writes: “The abrupt, searingly tart, tangy taste jolts the eyes open, shakes the stomach awake, sandpapers off any staleness from the taste buds and gets the day off to an unforgettable start.”


In the newspaper article I had read the day before, the product talked about was a super-concentrated extract of the Japanese plum called “Mumefural.” Mumefural is not present in raw plums or Umeboshi, but is produced as a natural, concentrated extract by boiling mashed and filtered Japanese plums over low heat for a number of days. To this mash is added natural citric acid, which combines with the naturally occurring sugar in the plums to produce the super-concentrated extract Mumefural. This end product is so highly concentrated that it takes over 20 pounds of whole plums to produce just seven ounces of Mumefural. Mumefural is over 50 times stronger than regular mashed plums, and when put into a softgel capsule it makes a truly potent and remarkable natural health tonic that can benefit people of all ages.

Health benefits

Before I left Japan to return to Fargo last fall, one of my Japanese friends, knowing of my keen interest in Mumefural, was kind enough to give me copy of the clinical study published in the Japanese Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that had helped ignite the Mumefural health revolution in Japan in the late 1990’s. This study, published in February of 1999 and entitled “Mumefural: Improving Blood Fluidity from Fruit-Juice Concentrate of Japanese Plum,” stated that, in clinical trials, Mumefural had proven extremely effective in helping improve circulation in elderly Japanese subjects. Numerous studies since then have verified these findings.

In addition to published studies touting the circulatory benefits of Mumefural, virtually every person who takes the product feels a general sense of well-being and health that is quite unlike anything they have experienced before. In addition to being a highly concentrated source of natural citric acid, minerals and the health-giving properties of the Japanese plum, Mumefural is without question one of the most highly alkalizing supplements on earth. Virtually all of us in the U.S. tend to eat a diet much too high in acid-forming foods such as meat, sugar and processed foods, and Mumefural is a perfect antidote for “over-acid eating.”

I myself have taken Mumefural every day for the past nine months, and the health benefits I have received from this remarkable product are increased energy, better digestion, much improved gastrointestinal health and a general sense of health and well-being. I just feel better!

The reason for this is clear to me. Picture the health-giving properties of one of the healthiest foods on earth—the Japanese plum—then concentrate those benefits 50 times, put them into an easy-to-take softgel capsule, and you have Mumefural. This is what makes Mumefural one of the most potent, fast-acting and effective health-giving natural food supplements ever developed.

The very same Mumefural I found in Japan last year and have taken personally for the past nine months is now available for the first time in America in our new Kyoto™ Brand Super-Strength Mumefural Concentrate. I’m so sure you will reap the same remarkable health benefits that I’ve experienced taking Mumefural that you can now try this natural wonder risk free. Simply order one bottle of Mumefural and if after one month you are not completely satisfied with the results, just let us know and we will promptly and cheerfully refund the full purchase price. It’s that simple.

In my 36 years in the natural products business, I have never lost my enthusiasm for discovering and bringing to you, our valued Swanson customers, new and effective natural health products that will help you in your quest for better health. That’s why I’m so excited about our new Kyoto Brand Super-Strength Mumefural Concentrate. It has done wonders for my health and I know it will do the same for you.