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The Best Way to Simply Hydrate
Swanson staff • March 22, 2024

The Best Way to Simply Hydrate

Maintaining proper hydration plays an important role in promoting cellular nutrition and supporting immune health. But the benefits continue, with a well-hydrated body being better equipped to support cognitive health, joint health and even experiencing stronger endurance on the field or in the gym, plus better sleep at night.1

In short—staying hydrated is one of the best ways to promote overall wellbeing. That’s why Swanson is proud to offer gluten-free, zero sugar drink mixes designed to help you Simply Hydrate.

Benefits of Simply Hydrate

Benefits of Simply Hydrate

Each packet of Swanson Simply Hydrate delivers three times the electrolyte power of other brands, meaning your body can enjoy superior hydration support for added benefits anytime you need a boost. Electrolytes support hydration on a cellular level as these essential minerals aid cells in attracting and maintaining fluid to promote whole-body water balance.2

Simply Hydrate helps your body maintain optimal levels of electrolytes which may otherwise be lost through perspiration during times of activity. Replacing those electrolytes is important because these minerals, including potassium and calcium, play a crucial role in helping the body send critical electrical impulses, such as from the heart to muscles, along with promoting cardiovascular, blood, bone and even nerve health.2,3

Swanson Simply Hydrate stick packs also feature nutrients including vitamin C and members of the energizing B complex family of vitamins. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which has been linked to immune health along with promoting the health of blood vessels, bones, cartilage and soft tissues like skin.4 Likewise, the B vitamins, such as B12 and others included in the Simply Hydrate blend, are known to promote energy production along with supporting blood, nerve and brain health.5

Each stick pack also provides 500 mg of taurine. This naturally occurring amino acid is abundant in skeletal muscle and several studies have linked taurine consumption to supporting endurance and athletic performance and helping to reduce exercise-induced muscle cramping. Taurine may also promote the health of the body’s nervous and cardiovascular systems and support organ health, such as the liver and brain.

Why Simply Hydrate?

When it comes to superior hydration support, Simply Hydrate is in a class of its own. This innovative blend boasts a science-backed ingredient list that’s suitable for vegetarians and includes no GMO products. Additionally, Simply Hydrate delivers its hydration support without sugar and is gluten free for dietary inclusion.

Swanson’s mission is to help you reach your health goals wherever you may be on the wellness journey, which is why Simply Hydrate has been designed to promote whole body health in a way that’s both convenient and delicious.

Try Simply Hydrate in naturally flavored refreshing berry blast or delightful lemon lime

You be well, now.


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