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Top Vitamins & Supplements for Bone Health
Swanson Staff • April 8, 2024

Top Vitamins and Supplements for Bone Health

As we age, a key goal that we may prioritize is keeping our bodies strong and healthy. This goal can present itself in more than one way—some may focus more on their joint health, others on weight management and exercise.

All good things, but sometimes we forget about our very foundation.

Our bones provide the structure (or skeleton, literally) for our body—without them things might look a little...different. Keeping our bones strong over time is important for everyone, but sometimes we forget just how fundamental our skeletal system is. If one of your focuses for healthier living is maintaining strong bones, we may have some methods that can help.

How is Bone Health Measured?

Bone health density changes over time and can impact function and integrity. In fact, after the age of 50 we lose bone density faster than we can build it back up. Typically, bone density tests are used to measure bone mineral content (like calcium) by means of X-rays or specialized CT scans. The more densely packed the minerals are, the stronger the bones.1

Depending on the situation, sometimes hormone replacement therapy is suggested by a doctor.2 However, incorporating vitamins and supplements for bone health along with a healthy diet that includes foods such as eggs, salmon, tuna, milk, almonds and leafy greens can help be proactive about nourishing bone strength.

Common Bone Health Issues

Since bone density tends to decrease with age, bone health issues can be quite common. Some of the most prevalent being:

  • Maintaining normal bone density
  • Keeping bone integrity
  • Ensuring healthy levels of bone nutrients
  • Supporting healthy bone reformation

Talking to your doctor about bone loss prevention and management is the best way to ensure that you’re taking care of your health and being safe about your options and activities.

Top Vitamins and Supplements That Support Good Bone Density

Along with healthy lifestyle habits like eating right, exercising and refraining from smoking, adding vitamins, supplements and minerals to your daily routine can help bring some extra bone-bolstering nutrients. Here are some of our expert’s recommendations when it comes to building a strong bone health foundation.

  • Calcium

    As the most abundant mineral in the body that is 99% found in bones, it makes sense that this mineral provides structure and integrity to skeletal health—when paired with collagen it also keeps your bones strong and flexible
  • Vitamin D

    Also often paired with calcium, this vitamin not only helps with bone mineralization, it also makes it possible for our body to effectively absorb calcium
  • Vitamin K2

    Helpful for bone metabolism and often paired with vitamin D to help with supporting bone density3
  • Magnesium

    Helps redistribute calcium from the blood and soft tissue to the bones for stronger skeletal health
  • Combination Formulas

    Provide synergistic ingredients like calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K to bolster overall bone strength and health

You be well, now.


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