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The Mediterranean Diet

Nature's Prescription for Great Health!

By Lee Swanson

Dear Friends and Valued Customers:

Since the 1950s, doctors and researchers have been studying the diets of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. It is widely recognized that the people of Greece, Southern Italy, Spain, France and Portugal are among the healthiest in the world, suffering from a much lower incidence of cardiovascular disease, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and even cancer than we do here in the United States or other parts of western Europe. A main constituent of the health of people living in the Mediterranean region can be attributed to their diets, which have an abundance of tremendously healthy plant-based foods, such as tomatoes, garlic, fish oils, red wine, parsley, oregano, broccoli, tea and, of course, the staples of every Mediterranean salad—olive or grapeseed oil and vinegar. All in all, it's safe to say the Mediterranean diet is among the healthiest in the world, and it's one that has been scientifically proven to improve the health of virtually everyone who tries it.

Until now, there hasn't been a nutritional supplement that's incorporated the essential elements of the Mediterranean diet into one easy-to-take softgel. That's why I'm pleased to introduce the world's first highly concentrated and standardized formula based on actual ingredients found in the original Mediterranean diet. Unlike the original diet itself, most of the ingredients found in our Mediterranean Nutrient Complex are highly concentrated and up to 500 times stronger than the original whole-food source they come from.

The Mediterranean Diet's major health constituents in one softgel!

Picture yourself sitting down to a wonderful Italian dinner, starting off with a fresh garden salad topped with a natural dressing made from grapeseed or olive oil and natural vinegar. Then, for the main course, imagine a wonderful broiled salmon on a bed of tender pasta along with a freshly made tomato sauce seasoned with garlic, parsley and oregano, and add a side order of streamed broccoli. To complement this delicious meal, enjoy a glass of red wine and finish with a cup of hot tea. Here's what's in this Mediterranean diet softgel that's so incredibly nutritious and healthful:

  • Red Wine Concentrate—A rich source of natural polyphenols and resveratrol, which have been clinically proven to benefit heart and cardiovascular health
  • Extra-Virgin Olive Oil—High in monounsaturated fats that have been linked to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels
  • Salmon Oil—Nature's richest source of the natural omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA
  • Grapeseed Oil—One of nature's best sources of the natural essential fatty acids omega-6 and -9. A perfect complement to the EFAs found in olive and salmon oils
  • Green Tea Extract—An incredibly rich source of natural polyphenols and catechins. High in antioxidants
  • Broccoli Glucosinolates—Powerful, natural substances that have been clinically proven to support immune and general health
  • Lycopene—A highly concentrated extract of the tomato that has been shown to support prostate health in men
  • Oregano Leaf Oil—A naturally rich source of rosmarinic acid that has been shown to be a powerful gastrointestinal soother
  • Parsley Leaf—"Nature's deodorizer"—rich in natural chlorophyll! Masks garlic odor
  • Garlic Oil—Garlic oil's high allicin content is renowned worldwide for its health-giving properties
  • Apple Cider Vinegar—One of nature's richest sources of easily absorbed potassium and natural full-spectrum minerals

These 11 nutritional powerhouses of health, which are abundant in the original Mediterranean diet, are now combined into one easy-to-take softgel form in our new Mediterranean Nutrient Complex. Each ingredient found in our new Swanson Ultra Mediterranean Nutrient Complex is 100% pure and natural and in a highly concentrated, standardized form to give you an almost identical copy of the major health ingredients found in the original diet. What better way to experience the health benefits of the world's most healthful diet in one easy-to-swallow softgel form? Swanson Ultra Mediterranean Nutrient Complex. Nature's best to you!