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EpiCor® employees share their Immuno-Amazing experience

On our trip to Embria Health Sciences/Diamond V Mills we met many of the employees whose good health led to the development of EpiCor. Here are a few of their stories.

Epicor testimonial

Mike Goble, VP of Operations,
Diamond V Mills

I have been with Diamond V Mills for 11 years, spending much of that time in the production facilities where I was exposed to the our yeast-fermented products. I now take EpiCor every day and so do my wife and children. We're all enjoying great health!

Sandra Varn, Receptionist,
Diamond V Mills

I was one of the office employees selected for the initial EpiCor investigations, and I too was relunctant to stop using the ingredient during the EpiCor-free phase of the study. I counted the days until I could take the product again. I am now a dedicated EpiCor user and I share my story with everyone I can. There's just nothing like it!

Tracey Werner, Research Technician,
Diamond V Mills

I was one of the original test subjects for the initial investigations that led to EpiCor. As part of the study, I was required to take the EpiCor ingredient, and I could tell immediately that it greatly improved my resistance to the environmental irritants that constantly troubled me during my eight years at the research facility. In fact, I worried about the second phase of the study when I would be required to stop taking the supplement. Now I take EpiCor every day and will never be without it again.

Larry Robinson

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