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Coconut Water Offers A Refreshing Alternative— New, Convenient Coconut Water Concentrate Lets You Customize Your Hydration System

If you've stepped into a health food store or a gym recently, there's no doubt you've seen the wide array of coconut waters available. Known to native Hawaiians as noelani, which translates as "dew from the heavens," this simple traditional beverage has gone from relative obscurity to widespread popularity in just a few short years.

Coconut water is the hip new beverage of choice among everyone from major league baseball players to Hollywood starlets. But unlike typical passing trends, coconut water is here to stay thanks to the real advantages it offers over other, less natural drinks.

According to Dr. Bruce Fife, Director of the Coconut Research Center and author of a number of best-selling books on the subject, coconut water contains a variety of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, growth factors and other phytonutrients. In his article Coconut Water: Dew from the Heavens, Dr. Fife notes that because coconuts are grown near the sea, they have access to mineral-rich salt water, which infuses the coconut with minerals and trace elements in electrolyte form, which are readily absorbed by the body.

Our staff here at Swanson® is crazy for coconut water. The many varieties available are consistent bestsellers online and our small retail store in Fargo regularly has difficulty keeping them on the shelves. The trouble is that most of these products cost upwards of $1 per serving, and some people just can't get used to the taste. Although many people will place function over flavor and continue to drink coconut water for its hydrating, rejuvenating wonders, we saw room for improvement.

Team Swanson

Introducing Swanson Ultra® Coconut Water Concentrate, the only concentrated coconut water you can mix to your liking or use to enhance your favorite beverage of choice. Just one half ounce added to 8 ounces of pure water gives you the same natural concentration found in ready-to-drink products. Plus, at about 60 cents per serving, it's the best value in coconut water you'll find anywhere.

Take it from Team Swanson: Coconut water is king and Swanson Ultra Coconut Water Concentrate is the economical, customizable answer that lets you enjoy it on your own terms.