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The Power of Two—Introducing New Meratrim® Dual Herbal Extract

From California-based Interhealth Nutraceuticals, the industry leaders who brought you ChromeMate® Chromium, UCII® Collagen and a host of other groundbreaking supplements, comes award-winning Meratrim, a synergistic blend of two herbal extracts with the power to help you shed pounds and inches faster than diet and exercise alone.

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Interhealth knows you have lots of choices when it comes to natural weight management products. As a company known for clinically validated ingredients that produce real-world results, they wouldn't even consider introducing another run-of-the-mill diet aid. Instead, InterHealth scientists invested years of research to identify the ingredients in Meratrim and refine them into a synergistic blend with demonstrated safety and efficacy under the most rigorous scientific conditions. Meratrim isn't a simple diet supplement. It's an advanced nutraceutical developed to pharmaceutical-grade standards.

The Adiponectin Connection

So many factors contribute to our weight. What we eat, how much and how often we eat, our activity levels, stress and sleep can all be influential. What's most important, however, is the biochemical processes taking place within the body. Meratrim has been shown to modulate the activity of biochemical processes in fat cell formation and breakdown.

The key here may lie in a fat hormone called adiponectin. A large body of research suggests that circulating levels of adiponectin are inversely related with body fat—in other words, higher levels of adiponectin correlate with lower levels of fat storage. Meratrim has been shown to significantly increase serum adiponectin levels both in cell cultures and in human test subjects.

Adiponectin chart

This rise in adiponectin may be a key factor in Meratrim's ability to promote fat breakdown. Through this influence on adiponectin and other key biochemicals and receptors, Meratrim appears to support fat breakdown and promote reductions in fat cell proliferation, fat mass accumulation and fat storage.

Fast Action Improves from Two Weeks to Two Months

Meratrim not only works fast to produce noticeable results in as little as two weeks, its effects improve over time too for even more significant weight loss after two months. Double-blind, placebo-controlled research shows that eight weeks of Meratrim supplementation results in up to three times more weight loss (approx. 12 lbs!) vs. placebo (approx. 3 lbs) and twice the reduction in waist and hip circumference. While individual results will vary, these real-life, scientifically validated benefits are beyond those you'll find with almost any other weight management supplement on the market.

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Evidence-Based Efficacy—No Empty Promises

Meratrim sets a new standard for nutraceutical weight management with strong clinical evidence built on a solid foundation of historical use. The ingredients in Meratrim were painstakingly selected, based on decades of anecdotal reports and use within traditional herbal practices.

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical Southeast Asian fruit that has become a popular food in recent years. Prior to its recent emergence as a "superfruit," however, it held an esteemed place in the traditional health practices of its native region, where it has been used for a wide variety of applications for hundreds of years. Meratrim contains a specialized cutting edge extract from the phytonutrient-rich rind of the fruit.

The lesser known Sphaeranthus indicus, also known as the East Indian Globe Thistle, has an equally long history of use in Ayurveda, the traditional health system of India, where specific parts have been used in a wide variety of applications for centuries. Interhealth scientists identified key active compounds within the flower heads of this exotic herb, which have been concentrated for use within the Meratrim blend.

Put the Power of Two to Work for You

If your New Year's resolution includes taking control of your weight, Meratrim gives you the support you need to succeed with the power of two. With two historical ingredients scientifically proven and refined by modern science and two clinical studies demonstrating safety and efficacy, Meratrim can produce noticeable results in two troublesome areas (waist and hips) in just two weeks by boosting adiponectin and promoting healthy fat metabolism. No other weight management supplement even comes close. This year, discover a new you with the power of two—shed the weight and the inches with Meratrim.

*When used in conjunction with a calorie-controlled diet and exercise program. Personal results will vary based on diet and lifestyle.