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Swanson Friday Five #25

The Swanson Friday Five - A quick look at five products that are new to

Be sure to click play and watch the video above. Below, you will find links to the five products featured in the video.

1Full Circle Home Laid Back 2.0 Dish Brush Refill

Is your Laid Back Dish Brush losing its luster? Not scrubbing with 100% efficiency? Leaving unsightly grease and egg stains on your dishes? Then you need a refill. These heads are Earth friendly and BPA free and will have your brush working at full strength in no time.

2Rugby Travel Sickness Meclizine HCI

It's the worst feeling. You're sitting in the back seat of a car with a driver who thinks alternating between the brakes and the gas pedal rapidly is a fun way to drive. You're hitting pothole after pothole and you're quickly regretting your morning breakfast choice of pancakes, sausage, banana and oatmeal. If only you had taken Rugby's Travel Sickness. These chewable tablets will help you spend less time imagining the cost of cleaning up the backseat and more time backseat driving.

3Swanson Organic 100% Certified Organic Mustard (Ground)

Mustard gas? Bad. Ground mustard? Good! Add a warm, spicy flavor to your dish with just a sprinkle or two. Plus, it's kosher. See? Good!

4Smarty Pants Kids Complete Multi + Omega 3 + Vitamin 3

I never understood the phrase "smarty pants." Pants seem to be the only article of clothing we attribute high intelligence to. Anyway, these delicious gummies will give your kids a nice helping of both Omega 3s and vitamin D. Just don't expect it to finish your kid's history essay. That's all on them.

5Acure Organics Lip Lush - Birthday Suit

This sheer, luscious lip gloss is made with organic argan oil and echinacea stem cell. What does that mean for you? Glossy lips that go perfectly with the rest of your birthday suit (or any other outfit, for that matter).

Which products are you most interested in this week?


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