test-What's the Right Butterbur Dosage?
What's the Right Butterbur Dosage?
Swanson Health • June 26, 2012

Butterbur is a great herb for supporting healthy blood vessel tone in the brain, but there are some confusing aspects to it. The first and most obvious… what does “blood vessel tone” mean? It’s kind of a fancy way of saying Butterbur can help the structures in the brain that transport the blood to stay strong and flexible, which in turn contributes to proper circulation in the brain and the overall health of the brain.

Another thing that can be more concerning than confusing is that there is a chemical called Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (or PA for short) that naturally exists in the Butterbur that can be dangerous when ingested over time, so it has to be removed to safely consume it. Thankfully, supplement companies are aware of this, and they will take the necessary steps to remove the Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids.

The final thing that can be confusing is getting the right dosage for Butterbur extract, as there are a variety of recommendations out there. The most common dosage is 75 mg that is standardized to 15% Petasin (one of the active nutrients that helps with the blood vessel tone).