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Introducing Quinogel®—Ubiquinol Enhanced with the Power of Bio-solv® Technology

Raj Chopra

Raj Chopra, B.S. (Pharm), M.S. (Pharm)

Raj Chopra, B.S. (Pharm), M.S. (Pharm), is the founder of Tishcon and developer of patented Q-Gel,® the water-soluble CoQ10 that revolutionized ubiquinone supplementation over a decade ago. Recently, Raj has developed a highly bioavailable hydrosoluble form of ubiquinol (Kaneka QH®) in the Quinogel dosage form. This improved formulation of ubiquinol takes it to an even higher level of absorption.

SWANSON: Raj, you’re considered a pioneer and an international expert in CoQ10 supplementation. Why did you choose to focus on this particular nutrient?

CHOPRA: I became involved in the nutraceutical industry before the term “nutraceutical” even existed. I have always had an abiding interest in natural products and a firm conviction that food is the best “medicine.” I chose to focus my career on transforming simple dietary components into singular health-promoting substances, and I identified CoQ10 as having the greatest potential due to the amount of scientific evidence supporting its important roles throughout the body.

SWANSON: After working so diligently to improve the bioavailability of CoQ10, you must’ve been excited when Kaneka introduced the first purified ubiquinol ingredient (QH). How do you see QH changing the way we supplement? Is there a place for both ubiquinone and ubiquinol, or should everyone be looking toward ubiquinol as the preferred form?

CHOPRA: Kaneka QH (ubiquinol) is a very exciting development and really the first true advancement in CoQ10 supplementation since we introduced Q-Gel over a decade ago. CoQ10 is an excellent dietary supplement for everyone, including young and active individuals. High-absorption CoQ10 like Q-Gel is better for everyone including aging individuals who may have a greater need. Advanced QH (or Quinogel) is best suited for those with truly advanced needs. So Kaneka QH has simply expanded the options and provided that top-tier level of support for those who require serious supplementation.

SWANSON: You developed Bio-Solv technology to enhance the absorption and bioavailability of ubiquinone. How does it apply to ubiquinol, which is already better absorbed?

CHOPRA: As you know, the Bio-Solv technology enabled us to transform fat-soluble CoQ10 into a water-soluble form, thereby increasing its absorption. But most of the circulating CoQ10 in the body is in the form of ubiquinol, so the conversion still has to take place. When we apply our Bio-Solv technology to Kaneka QH, the purified form of ubiquinol, we see the same results in terms of enhanced bioavailability, but we’re delivering pure ubiquinol which does not require conversion, so it’s a more efficient process.

SWANSON: Quinogel is obviously an advanced dietary supplement that carries a bit of a higher price than other options. Why would someone choose to supplement with Quinogel?

CHOPRA: As I noted earlier, the development of stabilized ubiquinol simply expanded the options for those who need specific types of support. Quinogel is a top-tier nutraceutical suitable for those with truly advanced needs for supplemental ubiquinol. Those who have high CoQ10 needs will be best served by choosing Quinogel.

SWANSON: Thank you, Raj, for taking the time to talk with us and for your years of dedication to nutraceutical science.

CHOPRA: It is my pleasure and I appreciate working with Swanson Health Products® to bring the results of our scientific endeavors to the people who can benefit from them. As the healthcare landscape changes, products like Quinogel will become even more important and together we’ll keep innovating and providing the public with real options.