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Introducing SUPERBA™ KRILL—Superior Krill Oil, Superior Omega-3 Nutrition

Krill is a tiny crustacean that looks much like a shrimp. In the oceans of the world, it is near the bottom of the food chain, but it is one of the earth's most abundant creatures. There are over 85 species of krill, yet only one that provides the quality human nutrition found in SUPERBA™ Krill—Euphausia superba, the Antarctic krill.

The Phospholipid Difference

While fish oils provide omega-3 fatty acids in triglyceride form, krill's omega-3s are primarily phospholipids, which are water dispersible and therefore more efficiently absorbed and utilized within the body. Plus, krill delivers naturally occurring astaxanthin and canthaxanthin, two powerful antioxidants that not only protect the integrity of the omega-3s but also provide added nourishment for your body. To demonstrate the significant bioavailability of SUPERBA™ Krill, Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS scientists measured the omega-3 index (a diagnostic measurement of combined EPA and DHA concentrations in red blood cells) in volunteers consuming 2 grams of krill oil daily for 8 weeks. The charts shown here display the remarkable increase in the average omega-3 index—up 125 percent!

Eco Harvesting™ = Sustainability & Superb Quality

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Aker's advanced harvesting and on-vessel processing protects the environment while producing absolutely fresh, single-source krill oil with full traceability, pristine purity and optimum stability. Aker's Eco Harvesting™ technology stays under water, bringing fresh, live krill directly onto the vessel (dubbed the Floating Life Sciences Factory) for immediate processing.

Swanson® Krill Oil with SUPERBA™—Quality EFAs with a Conscience

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You can count on Swanson Krill Oil supplements to deliver the best krill oil available, because when you choose a Swanson Krill Oil supplement, you know it's made with only the finest SUPERBA™ Krill from Aker BioMarine Antarctic AS. You know Aker has invested millions in developing ecologically sound sustainable harvesting methods. You know the oil is produced fresh immediately upon harvest. You know it comes only from select Euphausia superba found in pristine Antarctic waters.

Don't be misled by other name brands. Only one krill oil guarantees superb quality and ethical production—SUPERBA™ Krill, the only krill oil deemed good enough for the discerning customers of Swanson Health Products.®