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Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder Featuring Whole Whey

Why is grass-fed important, and why is it hard to find organic whey protein?

Answer: It's widely known that grass-fed animals' dairy is superior to conventional dairy. Grass-fed cows' whey surpasses other whey products with its amino acid and nutrient profile as well as its taste and feel. Our grass-fed whey protein was created using the highest manufacturing standards, starting with the collection of the grass-fed cows' milk and continuing with unique cold-temperature, acid-free processing. Swanson Ultra whey is hormone free, drug free and chemical free while still being affordable.

The reason it's virtually impossible to find organic (or even grass-fed) whey protein is simple economics. It's cheaper to produce whey protein from conventional milk—which is typically polluted with hormones, drugs and pesticides—than from pure organic or grass-fed cows' milk that is free of hormones, antibiotic drugs or chemicals. And the organic market today is simply too small to produce a sufficient supply of organic whey.

Why is whole whey better than a whey protein isolate?

Answer: There's no doubt that humans thrive on a whole food diet. We do not do well on refined foods such as sugar, distilled oil and refined proteins. Whey protein isolates are industrially refined proteins devoid of nutritional cofactors—vitamins, minerals, beneficial fatty components and fragile immune-supporting nutrients—which are lost during the processing. Protein isolates are treated with heat and acid processing, which destroy amino acids and render the protein nutritionally deficient. Plus, isolates have a funky aftertaste.

To be fully utilized by the body, whey protein should be in whole form. Swanson Ultra Whey Protein Powders feature a special whey protein concentrate, which is a whole protein product with the highest biological value for the best nourishing impact. Plus, it has a superior taste.

Is it important to have some fat in the product?

Answer: Yes. Fat is a natural carrier of essential immune-supporting nutrients. These same nutrients are found in human breast milk; they're there to support the newborn immune system. One of these fatty compounds is conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)—known for its ability to promote lean muscle development and contribute to cellular defenses. But while it's important that the natural fats are kept intact, that doesn't mean that the product is high in fat. In fact, Swanson Ultra Whey Protein concentrate is actually a low-fat whole protein that is light, easily digestible and fast assimilating.