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On the Road with Lee Swanson—Embria Health Sciences, Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Home of EpiCor® High Metabolite Immunogens

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products

Lee Swanson

Dear Friends and Valued Customers:

Last summer, curious to see for myself what all the fuss was about, I took my product development team to visit the makers of the new immune-boosting supplement called EpiCor. The adventure took us back to Iowa, a state I've become quite familiar with due to the impressive work being done there with dietary supplements and nutraceuticals.

We were greeted in Cedar Rapids by Paul Faganel, president of Embria Health Sciences. An energetic man with an athletic build and an air of solid good health, Paul wasted no time getting down to business. He is proud of his company and its product, and he was excited to show us around.

A Community Institution

Embria Health Sciences is the human nutrition arm of Diamond V® Mills, which has been producing superior feed additives for agricultural markets around the world since 1943. Diamond V is an institution in the community of Cedar Rapids, and with the development of Embria Health Sciences, they cemented their civic ties even further.

The custom-built, state-of-the-art research and development Embria facility is shared with local Kirkwood Community College, which occupies designated labs and study spaces. This partnership allowed the company to build for the future while helping to provide top-notch scientific education for those who will lead the next generation of scientists.

Research-focused, results-driven

With over 60 years of experience to draw on, Embria is not a company to cut corners or rush their process in any way. In fact, the primary mandate for the organization is to conduct research and develop new, effective dietary ingredients. "It's research and development above all else," Paul told me. "It's the same philosophy that's made Diamond V a world leader for so many years, and we think it's the right philosophy for a responsible modern company."

To that end, Embria has conducted over a dozen scientific studies on EpiCor, focusing in on everything from general characterization to safety/toxicology, in vitro analyses and specialized human trials. This research now forms the foundation upon which Embria plans to design larger-scale clinical studies that will conclusively demonstrate the product's benefits. Learn more by reading my interview with Embria's chief scientists here.

Embria might be a new company, but it's a world away from your typical startup. Embria is taking 60 years of experience and using it to pioneer new products, new applications and new contributions to human health and wellness. It's an admirable endeavor, and I thank the kind folks at Embria for showing us where all their great work takes place.