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New Spiceutical™ Technology Turns Ordinary Curcumin into Extraordinary CurQfen™—Up to 20X Better Absorption!

Lee Swanson, President of Swanson Health Products®

Lee Swanson

Swanson Health Products® is proud to introduce Spiceuticals, a new evolution in herbal supplements from the scientists at Akay, a global supplier of cutting-edge herbal extracts based in Kerala, India. Akay's Spiceuticals make ordinary herbal products commonly used as simple flavorings or spices into extraordinary dietary supplements capable of nourishing and defending good health.

New CurQfen is the ultimate realization of the Spiceutical concept. Curcumin (turmeric) has been a centerpiece of Indian cuisine and Ayurvedic (traditional Indian) healthcare for centuries. The piquant herb is native to India, and the subcontinent remains the world's largest producer (and consumer) of curcumin products today. Recently, thanks to a rapidly growing body of scientific support for its health-promoting properties, curcumin has exploded in popularity around the world. Unfortunately, not all curcumin is created equal, and not all populations possess the ability to absorb and utilize the herb's active components to optimum potential.

Fenugreek Provides Innovative Solution for Improved Bioavailability

Located in the state of Kerala, situated on the Malabar Coast on the southwestern tip of India, Akay is one of the world's largest curcumin manufacturers. Renowned for their cutting-edge extraction technology, the company recently turned its expertise toward developing new technologies that turn established products into exciting new health products.

The result is the new Spiceutical concept and CurQfen is the crowning achievement. Designed, tailored and produced using patent-pending technology, Swanson Superior Herbs Controlled Release CurQfen Curcumin/Fenugreek Complex employs a unique composition of non-digestible, fermentable galactomannan-protein matrix from fenugreek to enhance the bioavailability of active curcuminoids. Fenugreek's popularity is second only to that of curcumin in Indian cuisine and healthcare, where it's been employed for digestive support since ancient times. Thus, it seems to be a natural fit for curcumin enhancement.

Akay's proprietary ultrasonic technology introduces biologically active amorphous curcuminoids into the fenugreek fiber matrix through gel-phase dispersion, producing a new compound called curcumaglactomannosides. According to Akay scientists, this compound unique to CurQfen possesses the optimum hydrophobic-hydrophilic balance for the colloidal dispersion of curcumin upon swelling in the intestinal fluid.

Superior Results Confirmed by Science

Just as CurQfen was born of advanced scientific technology, its benefits are confirmed by advanced scientific research. Through improved solubility and stability the curcumaglactomannoside compound helps the active curcuminoids survive the upper GI tract for delivery within the large intestine where optimum absorption occurs. Human trials have shown up to 20 times better absorption and nearly 16 times better bioavailability of CurQfen compared to typical curcumin supplements (see chart).

CurQfen chart

There's no question that curcumin is among the most promising herbal products on the market today. But the fact is, 95% of them simply aren't bioavailable and much of what is consumed is simply washed out of the body. For a curcumin supplement you can rely on, for results you can feel, choose CurQfen, the scientifically advanced extract complexed with natural fenugreek fiber through advanced technology. This is nutrition for the 21st century.