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The supplement that helps you live life in motion!

Cushion your joints and promote freedom of movement with Celadrin. Made from a patented, unique, penetrating oil, this one-of-a-kind joint health supplement is an esterified fatty acid that works on the cellular level. Called a “cellular lubricant,” Celadrin delivers fast, long-lasting joint comfort. The best way to achieve long lasting benefits for joint health is through long-term daily use of Celadrin softgels and Celadrin cream. If you’re looking for Celadrin information, check out the differences between the sofgel and cream forms.

Celadrin Softgels

Many users of Celadrin softgel formulas notice benefits in 30 days or less. It promotes joint flexibility and mobility. Celadrin cushions joints and supports joint function. Because it can be used safely and with confidence, it’s becoming a popular supplement for joint health. But if you’re wondering if you should replace your glucosamine supplement with Celadrin, don’t. Instead, use them together. Celadrin complements glucosamine by enabling it to perform faster and more efficiently to promote the health of joint cartilage.


Celadrin Cream

For maximum joint health results pair Celadrin softgels with Celadrin cream. You can feel the cream work in as little as 30 minutes. Clinical research confirms the fast-acting effectiveness of Celadrin. In a 2004 study, 40 participants took the topical cream form of Celadrin and all of them reported receiving considerable benefits from it. It quickly penetrates the skin and is safe and effective without side effects.

What Swanson Health Products Customers are Saying about Celadrin:

“I have definitely noticed an improvement in mobility while taking this supplement. I will continue to use this one for a long while.” - BetsyO

“This product is good to use after exercising and working in the garden when muscles and joints have been challenged.” - Marietta

“This stuff works!! Everyone that has tried it ends up buying it. Again, do yourself a favor and try it....It works!” - buckey