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Nena Dockery

Nena Dockery

Nena Dockery holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and did Master's work in the area of Endocrinology and Histology. She also holds a Master of Science in Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Among her many responsibilities at NEC, Ms. Dockery provides valuable input in the areas of formulation and the selection of new ingredients, evaluating each ingredient for safety, efficacy, and dosing. Nena is an active member of the Enzyme Technical Association where she co-chairs the Dietary Supplement committee.

SWANSON: Let's start with the question of enzyme supplementation itself. Is it something we should all consider, or is it primarily a need-based or condition-based decision?

Dockery: Enzyme supplementation is a way to support the body's own digestive processes and compensate in areas where the body is not functioning optimally. It is definitely something that we should all consider. Overcooked and highly processed foods can impede digestion and hinder the accessibility of nutrients contained within those foods. In addition we eat too much and too fast—factors which stress the digestive process.

SWANSON: BioCore® Optimum Complete is the pinnacle of the BioCore line of advanced enzymes. What is the principle behind the BioCore products? How do they differ from other dietary enzymes?

Dockery: The BioCore line of enzyme blends was developed to assist in effective and efficient digestion. With the knowledge gained from National Enzyme Company's (NEC) long history in formulating enzyme supplements, a wide range of enzyme blends were developed to support optimal digestion. The basis for the BioCore line of enzyme blends was a study conducted at TNO, a research organization in the Netherlands that has developed a model (TIM) for accurately determining the efficiency of digestion under varying conditions. NEC collaborated with TNO to investigate the survivability and effectiveness of NEC's enzymes and the BioCore line, in particular BioCore Optimum was designed around the results of this study. BioCore Optimum can be used as a base blend to which other enzymes are added or as a stand-alone product to provide general digestive support.

SWANSON: The name suggests a comprehensive assemblage of enzymes. What does the blend contain that makes it "optimum" and "complete"?

Dockery: BioCore Optimum Complete contains enzymes to address virtually every aspect of the enzymatic digestive process, thus ensuring enzymatic support throughout the entire digestive system. The original BioCore Optimum was designed as a base product to meet the needs of the vast majority of individuals who desire support for a healthy digestive system. In developing BioCore Optimum Complete attention was given to adding a few additional targeted enzymes for total digestive care. For instance, lactase was added to help digest lactose from dairy products. Another enzyme added to this formula is alpha-galactosidase. This enzyme may be minimally present in the gastrointestinal tract of some individuals and functions to break down certain sugars commonly found in grains and some vegetables. If not properly digested in the small intestine, these sugars are broken down through a fermentation process in the large intestine by intestinal microorganisms. This fermentation process releases gases, which can be uncomfortable as well as embarrassing. Alpha-galactosidase is added to BioCore Optimum Complete to work along with invertase in breaking down these sugars. BioCore Optimum Complete also contains acid maltase. This enzyme functions to break down maltose, a common intermediate sugar in starch digestion. Some people have trouble breaking down this sugar, resulting in digestive discomfort.

SWANSON: What can we expect when we take BioCore Optimum Complete? Will we notice a difference in how we feel or how our bodies function on a daily basis?

Dockery: For individuals with no obvious digestive difficulties, the benefits from taking BioCore Optimum Complete will probably be much more subtle and gradual, such as more regular bowel movements and increased energy levels. However, for those with noticeably poor digestion, the results will be more apparent. These people should experience a noticeable improvement in the way they feel.