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Swanson Friday Five #108

The Swanson Friday Five - A quick look at five products that you can find at

Be sure to click play and watch the video above. Below, you will find links to the five products featured in the video.

1Swanson Probiotics Lactobacillus Rhamnosus with FOS

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus with FOS While the product name looks like words you'd find in the final of the national spelling bee, the product itself is a lot simpler. This wide ranging beneficial gut bacteria comes in designed-release vegetarian capsules that ensure consistent delivery. 60 caps per bottle.


2Swanson GreenFoods Formulas Cauliflower 20:1 Extract

Cauliflower 20:1 Extract Don't like eating cauliflower? You're not alone. This concentrated cauliflower extract delivers powerful compounds like quercetin and various flavonoids. 60 veggie caps per bottle.


3BioNutritional Research Group Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar - Mocha Creme

Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar - Mocha Creme I can personally speak to how delicious these particular bars are. Each bar has 13 grams of protein and has a delicious mocha creme flavor. They're also trans fat free. Twelve to a box.


4Swanson Ultra Resver-Q-Gel

Resver-Q-Gel This product combines the power of antioxidant resveratrol with CoQ10 Q-Gel in order to focus on maximum bioavailability. Every bottle will get you 30 softgels.


5Swanson pH Balance Alkalizing Formula Powder

Alkalizing Formula Powder Feeling a little off balance? More specifically, do you feel that your acid/alkaline balance is off? This product can help maintain that balance. It's a nourishing drink mix loaded with vitamins and minerals, all with a great-tasting all natural vanilla flavor. 21 servings per container.

See anything you like this week? Let us know!


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