test-NEW PRODUCT: Military Pilots, Models Rely on
NEW PRODUCT: Military Pilots, Models Rely on "Russian Rejuvenator"
Kurt C. • November 18, 2010
Last month we introduced Dr. Stephen Langer’s Russian Rejuvenator with ultra-pure Dihydroquercetin (DHQ) , an all natural health product that really has no equal in the United States at this time. We called it the Russian Rejuvenator based on the Russians' decades of experience using DHQ, particularly in combination with Vitamin C as found in our formula.

In Russia this complex—DHQ plus Vitamin C—is known as a general restorative, detoxifying antioxidant and can be found in almost every corner drug store. Thousands of people take it every day. It’s also widely used as a food additive because its natural antioxidant properties help stabilize and preserve packaged foods. During our visit to Puschino and Moscow we enjoyed chocolates, yogurt and milk enhanced with DHQ. You can even find DHQ vodka! (I guess if you’re going to indulge, why not get a jump on your recovery while you’re at it?)

We met a number of people in Russia who shared their experiences with DHQ.

Two former military pilots, Colonel Igor Kulikov and Major Aleksey Badakin, explained that the government actually provided the supplement to help them cope with the physical and mental demands of the job. Flying military jets requires intense concentration, keen visual acuity and steady nerves. The altitude, cabin pressure and stress take an incredible toll on the body. DHQ, the pilots claim, helped them remain strong under pressure and recover quickly after maneuvers.

Swanson Product Development Director talks with former model and entrepreneur Anastasia Savenkova Anastasia Savenkova, a former Russian model who now runs a personal care company, told us how she uses DHQ to enhance her line of beauty products. She credits the gentle effectiveness of her topical products to the flavonoid and believes that daily supplementation helps fight the free radicals that threaten to rob us of our beauty as we age. Judging by her flawless skin and genuine radiance, she’s certainly doing something right.

Some customers have commented that Dr. Langer’s Russian Rejuvenator didn’t deliver the energizing boost they expected; but it’s not about instant, artificial energy like that found in a cup of coffee or a can of Red Bull. It’s about supporting your body’s internal defense and restoration mechanisms, reducing those energy demands within the body and thereby helping you feel a greater sense of vitality in your daily life.

Dr. Langer’s Russian Rejuvenator is not a magic bullet of energy. Rather, it offers simple, systematic benefits that are realized over time in a manner one reviewer at swansonvitamins.com described as: “ No caffeine buzz or disrupted sleep! I just am willing to get up and do things. It's been a long time since I have had motivation, and I am thrilled.”

If you’re tired of feeling run down and you’re looking for a natural health solution that doesn’t involve stimulants, try Dr. Langer’s Russian Rejuvenator for 30 days. That’s all it takes to realize why thousands of men and women in the former Soviet Union, from pilots to models to average people like you and me, rely on DHQ every day.