test-Why I Love Working at Swanson Health Products
Why I Love Working at Swanson Health Products
Ben H. • February 4, 2012

Free Ice:
This may not seem like a fitting “#1” to you, but it is to me. I love ice-cold water, and the free ice we get is the most perfect ice in all the land. It’s pellet ice, not big clunky cubes or crescent-shaped mini ice bergs (you know, the ones that conform perfectly to the side of your cup, obstructing the beverage flow quite effectively). Plus, staying hydrated is important.

On-Site Gym: Getting myself up and motivated is one of the biggest challenges in my life. I know it’s good for me. I know I need to exercise regularly, but I almost always prefer doing anything else. Having a gym right here at the office makes it so much easier to get a sweat on and my heart rate up.

Customer Interaction: I work on the Web team here at Swanson Health Products, so you might be wondering how on Earth I get to interact with our customers. I am one of the contributors to our ever-growing Facebook page, where I get to partake in all the fun conversations, contests and giveaways. Did you know we run contests and giveaways on Facebook? We also just started up a Google+ page to go along with Facebook and Twitter.

Working with Friends: If I told you I work side-by-side with a friend I’ve known literally since first grade, would you believe me? Well, it’s true. It’s one of those random, awesome coincidences in life. I’ve also made friends out of most all of my co-workers. We even spend time together outside of the office! The thing that brings us together is a very real commitment to providing the best experience possible to our customers however they may interact with us.

Flexibility & Support: When I first started, I was in the middle of my fifth year of coaching swimming for high school and club teams. I was worried I’d have to give that up, but the company was incredibly supportive of me and allowed me to keep pursuing something I loved to do. I think being able to balance work and everything outside of work is a huge benefit and something I am grateful for. And of course...the ice.