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Top 5 Reasons Why I love Working at Swanson Health Products
Britta S. • February 7, 2012

When they asked for the top five reasons I love working at Swanson Health Products, my first reaction was, only five?! So here are my first five reasons that come to mind...

1. The People. The number one aspect I love about my job is the people that I work with. The employees at Swanson Health Products are some of the most hard-working, respectful, intelligent and professional people around. The environment around this company is one that I enjoy walking into each and every day. It seems I spend more time with my co-workers than I do my own family, so having such great people to work with is truly a very lucky thing.

Gym Time!2. The Company. Swanson Health Products is a company that is 100% focused on the customer. I am so proud to work for a company that puts the customer first and focuses on quality. You might be interested to know that SHP not only “talks the talk” of living a healthy lifestyle, but does “walk the walk”. We have access to a full fitness center available 24/7 right here in the building! The company truly cares about every employee’s health and provides opportunities and incentives for improving our lives.

3. Learn something new every day. In my job, this couldn't be truer. My position here at SHP is a compliance specialist. My job is challenging, interesting and rewarding. My duties are to keep up with industry regulations and be sure we are offering the safest, most research-based and highest quality products available while complying with industry policies. The supplement industry is one that is constantly growing, changing and advancing. Keeping up with all of the information, I truly do learn something new every single day.

4. Natural Health Focus. I have been taught the benefits of natural health from the day I was born. Growing up in a home where my parents truly believed and practiced natural health, I’ve never known a different way of living. My father is a chiropractor and has always shown us the advantages to including dietary supplements into our daily routine. While I’m thankful for many things my parents have taught me, this natural way of living is something that I appreciate and take with me each and every day. My job allows me to continue with my natural health beliefs.

5. Influencing Lives. While I was earning my nutrition degree in college, my focus was to work in a clinical setting where I could directly influence the lives of patients. Through my education and working experiences, I realized that there were many ways that I could work in my field and help people with their health. Working at Swanson Health Products allows me to positively influence the lives of many people around the world by providing top quality natural health supplements at affordable prices. I am able to use my nutrition degree in ways that focus on natural health and well-being.

I am proud to say that I work for Swanson Health Products - a company that cares about their employees and always puts the customer first.