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The Gluten Free Baker’s Gift Guide
Chelsea S. • December 16, 2014

I absolutely love baking, but a couple years ago I decided to completely clean up my diet, and I no longer consume gluten or grains. To many people, a gluten free baker is a paradox—but I assure you, I still enjoy baking, and I make dang good food!

If you’ve got a gluten free baking aficionado in your life but are having trouble wrapping your head around what a baker does in a gluten-less kitchen, read on to see a list of gifts I would love to receive for my own gluten free kitchen.

1Every Last Crumb by Brittany Angell

Give the gift of recipes and stunning food photography. Every Last Crumb was released recently, and it is absolutely amazing. Everything I’ve made out of Every Last Crumb has rocked my expectations. It’s basically a gluten free/paleo baking bible. Perfect for both experienced gluten free bakers or someone first venturing into the gluten free baking world.

2Swanson Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

I have no issue receiving ingredients as gifts. To me, it’s an amazing compliment—I love your creations. Here are the ingredients to make more. Coconut oil is definitely a staple in my gluten free pantry (and beyond).

3Once Again Almond Butter

Almond butter can be an ingredient (look up almond butter cookies or almond butter bread for recipes) or it can just be slathered on a warm muffin or quick bread. Either way, Once Again is a favorite brand, and their Almond Butter is sure to impress.

4Variety of Bob’s Red Mill Products

When stocking up on flour for my gluten free pantry, I usually turn to Bob’s Red Mill. They offer a huge variety of gluten free flours to experiment with like almond meal, gluten free all purpose flour and tapioca flour! One idea for gifting ingredients is to Google a few recipes that use those ingredients and include them with the gift—just in case your baker isn’t familiar with that ingredient. If you’re lucky, you might get to taste the end result!

5If You Care Unbleached Parchment Baking Paper

If You Care makes some of my favorite products! I love If You Care’s Parchment Baking Paper—it gets used every single day. Extra supplies are always welcome! If your recipient loves making muffins or cupcakes, If You Care also makes perfect baking cups.

6GelPro Kitchen Mat

Long hours in the kitchen can be hard on your feet. A GelPro Kitchen Mat has been on my wish list for awhile! Whenever I find one at a friend’s house, it’s like stepping on a cloud. Give your baker a cloud for their kitchen. How does that not sound perfect?

7Hand Printed Tea Towel – Do More Of What Makes You Happy

There are lots of unique tea towels out there, but this one caught my eye right away for its simple design and feel-good quote. This is a great way to send a heartwarming message with a practical gift.

8Flirty Aprons Chevron Yellow Bow Apron

Baking can get really messy, and it’s always a shame when I forget an apron and realize I dirtied a cute outfit. Flirty Aprons to the rescue! Even if your baker already has an apron, there is no way they’d be unsatisfied with a new one that’s this cute!

9GIR Spatula

I like quality in my kitchen, as many cooks and bakers do. GIR products, particularly this spatula design, are top-notch quality with a ton of vibrant color options.

10Living Nutz Old World Italian Herb Almonds

Chances are, your baker really just likes food in general. If that’s true, there’s no way your recipient would turn down some tasty gluten free snacks! Living Nutz makes a variety of gluten free seasoned nuts, and the Old World Italian Herb Almonds are a top pick.

11Nourish Organics Hand Wash – Lavender & Mint

I’m constantly getting messy in the kitchen, which means I’m constantly cleaning up. After getting my hands dirty, it’s nice to wash off with a wonderful-smelling product that doesn’t leave my hands dry. Nourish Organics Hand Wash fits the bill, and it’s organic, cruelty free and gluten free (I bet you didn’t realize soaps can contain gluten!).