test-TASTE TEST: Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps - Fuji Apple
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TASTE TEST: Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps - Fuji Apple
Anthony N. • July 25, 2013

PRODUCT REVIEWED: Brother's All Natural Fruit Crisps - Fuji Apple

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Rachel: Whoa! Tart! The first bite was a bit of a shock after trying the saltier stuff, but wow these are really tasty. When I opened the bag, I was expecting to see dry, dehydrated apples that look like birch tree bark. So not the case with these. I wouldn't call them crisps, as they look like apple slices and kind of just melt on your tongue. These are so cool! Only 39 calories per bag and 2 grams of fiber.

Anthony: The packaging is nice. Perhaps something my kids would be excited to eat. The ingredient list is awesome. 100% freeze dried Fuji Apples, and approximately 1 1/2 apples per bag. That's amazing considering how small the bag looks. They have an orange/pink hue to them, almost looking like they might be dried mangos. The first few seconds in my mouth it is relatively flavorless, the texture a bit styrofoamy. Not unlike other freeze dried fruits. As you chew the texture becomes more appley and the sweet and tart apple flavor kicks in. I like it. My kids would definitely eat these. Only 39 calories per bag and 6 grams of sugar--pretty good for a sweet snack.

Nicole: These would make for a great, convenient, quick and healthy snack. The texture is a different than eating a fresh apple – they almost seem to disintegrate in your mouth. But, the flavor is great – just like a fresh apple. It’s cool that there are 1.5 apples in each bag, 39 calories, and no added ingredients. They are very kid-friendly…my 10-year-old daughter would definitely eat them. If you don’t finish them, save them for later – you can’t do that with a regular apple! They are a little on the expensive side for a snack, but apple prices have gone up significantly when buying fresh, so that’s something to consider.

brother's all natural fruit crips fuji apple

Jenessa: I can imagine that if I were about 20 years younger, I would really enjoy this snack. The individual packaging is convenient, and the light, fluffy crunch of the apple crisps was tasty. However, they didn’t really taste like the crunch of an apple I was looking for. There are only 39 calories in the whole bag, making it a good option for an in-between-meals snack.

Kurt: The apple crisps weren’t quite what I was expecting. I was hoping they would be a bit more firm and crispy, rather than their foam-like texture. I do like the flavor, though. They’re really light on calories which makes them a really healthy alternative when snacking.

Nathan: The ease of throwing one of these in your kid’s lunchbox and knowing that they will get 1 ½ servings of apples is awesome. The flavor of apples is evident but the texture is one that might take some getting used to. Their light and airy texture is very much different from the normal crunch of an apple. However with it being 100% fruit, no additives or preservatives, you know you are getting the fruit benefits your body needs.

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Courtney: Yum! The texture of freeze-dried fruit might take some getting used to (can seem a bit like Styrofoam) but if that doesn’t bother you, these are a simple and super convenient way to eat more fruit. Personally I’d prefer an apple with a stronger flavor than Fuji, but these were still good. Very easy to finish the entire bag!

Kaitlin: I have a difficult time with foods like this. I far prefer to just eat raw fruits and vegetables. To me, it just tastes like fluff, filler. I understand these are marketed toward children and perhaps that’s for the best; fewer messes, healthier snacking. It just doesn’t compare to a real Fuji Apple!

Ben: I’m not big on dried fruits, but I do have a few favorites like our figs, which I’m not sure if they’re technically considered “dried” but I would classify them that way. These dried apple slices were kind of weird looking, but surprisingly flavorful. They were definitely real apples without much added, if anything. I didn’t love the texture, but in the end I think kids would really like them.

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