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My Argan Oil Hair Care and Skincare Trial – Change is a Good Thing
Kayla M • January 25, 2013

I must admit that when I was asked to try Swanson Health Products’ new argan oil products, I was a bit skeptical. After all, I haven’t switched hair care or lotion brands in years and I wasn’t sure if my hair and skin would be okay with change (even though I knew it is good to rotate shampoos). I was given Swanson Premium’s Argan Oil shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner spray, night cream and hand lotion to try. Two of the products, the leave-in conditioner spray and the hand lotion, are brand new. The other argan oil products I have never tried.

I started with the hair products, prepared to give my trial at least one week. With my history of bad hair days, I didn’t want to blame the new hair routine if it happened to begin on one of my need-a-cap or ponytail days. When I’m asked what hair type I have, I classify it as stubborn. No matter how much I comb it, straighten it, brush it or scream at it in the mirror, it does what it wants, when it wants. It’s thick, colored and heat damaged. I have been using a salon brand of shampoo and conditioner and was curious to see how the Swanson line would compare.

  • Swanson Premium Argan Oil 97% Natural Shampoo  (SW1485) One thing that worried me about switching to argan oil shampoo was that it would leave my hair oily. Quite the opposite! It left my hair clean without weighing it down or leaving behind any greasy residue. With a light, fresh scent, it’s a smell both women and men will approve of.
  • Swanson Premium Argan Oil 90% Natural Conditioner (SW1471) My hair tangles extremely easy, so conditioning is a must for me. Swanson Argan Oil Conditioner passed this test flawlessly. It hydrates my hair, without leaving it oily. And I didn’t need a big gob of it either. Just a little bit of this conditioner goes a long way. I did follow the directions and left it on for a few minutes before rinsing out. Once I got out of the shower, it was very easy to comb through.
  • Swanson Premium Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner Spray (SW1495) New this month at Swanson is the Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner Spray. I also tried this out. It’s a very light conditioning spray that I spritzed onto the ends of my hair for extra hydration before I blow drying it.

After my trial run, I discovered my hair really likes argan oil! After using the three argan oil hair care products, my hair was left soft and easy to comb through and style. With Swanson Argan Oil hair care, I can treat my hair to salon quality products without the sticker price. In fact, I save about $10 per bottle compared to the brand of shampoo and conditioner I had been using.

I also had the opportunity to try two more Swanson Argan Oil products for skin care:

Swanson Premium Argan Oil 95% Natural Moisturizing Night Cream (SW1473) Once again, I was fooled by the “oil” in the name, thinking this moisturizing cream would leave my skin oilier than normal. I replaced my regular nighttime moisturize with the Swanson Argan Oil Moisturizing Night Cream with great results. This cream soothed my skin and helped rid it of dry, patches and was friendly to my sensitive skin.

Swanson Premium Argan Oil 95% Natural Hand Lotion (SW1516) Also new this month at SwansonVitamins.com is Argan Oil Hand Lotion. Where I live in North Dakota, the cold winters are especially harsh on skin. This lightweight lotion gave my skin a much-needed drink and leaves it baby-soft. It has no scent and the bottle isn’t too big, so you ladies can fit it into your purse.

My one week trial of argan oil has stretched into more than two and I’m not turning back. All the argan oil products are keepers! Not only are the formulas impressive, but so are the prices. I love that I can get salon and designer quality products at an everyday low price. Change can be good — I’m sure that once you give these products a try, you’ll love them as much as I do!

This post just showcases a few of the incredible argan oil uses out there.