test-Japan Update - Swanson Kyoto Supplements Unaffected
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Japan Update - Swanson Kyoto Supplements Unaffected
Lee Swanson • March 18, 2011

The events in Japan have impacted the entire world, and our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this remarkable natural disaster. We have many friends, colleagues and customers in Japan, and we're doing everything we can to support them in every way possible.

Many of you have asked about the impact these events will have on our Swanson Kyoto Brand supplements. At this point in time, we expect no disruption in the availability of these products and there are no reasons to be concerned about any changes in safety or effectiveness. Our partners in Japan have assured us that there are no foreseeable concerns about any of the Kyoto Brand products.

Most of these Japanese health products come from the islands within the Okinawa Prefecture, which has been largely unaffected. The island of Okinawa itself is nearly 1,000 miles from Tokyo and the island of Yaeyama is even further away (see map).

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