test-Do Any Supplements Work for Car Sickness in Children?
Do Any Supplements Work for Car Sickness in Children?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • October 1, 2011


Question: My son has a terrible time with traveling, as he is always carsick. We've tried having him sit in the front seat and this sometimes helps. Is there anything he can take (besides the common over-the-counter remedies) to help with this?
I can certainly relate to your son's experience! If I'm not either driving or sleeping in the car, the nausea hits me too. Many people claim that natural ginger root works well for them. Whether you eat pure ginger root, crystallized ginger, ginger capsules or tablets, ginger tea, or ginger cookies, ginger seems to help calm people's stomachs and reduce their susceptibility to motion sickness. You only need to take a very little, although it is safe to use as much as you wish, and there are no side-effects from taking ginger. It is an aromatic bitter generally credited with supporting the digestive process. Like medications, you should take ginger as preventative prior to the sickness-causing event.