test-Coconut Flour Shelf Life: Will It Get Stale?
Coconut Flour Shelf Life: Will It Get Stale?
Swanson Health • June 24, 2012

Flour is one of those ingredients that virtually everyone has in the back of their cupboard regardless of how often they bake… while some bachelors may have it there for a few years before they toss it, it is something that does get stale over time and shouldn’t be kept too long. Coconut Flour is very similar in the fact that it does get stale, but how long should you keep it?

The shelf life that we have listed on our Coconut Flour is typically about 1 year, but that simply means it’s the latest we can guarantee the potency until. Coconut Flour like any other flour can be used after the “normal shelf life”, but the longer it sits around, the more stale it gets and the worse the baked good will taste.