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Behind the Scenes with SHP’s Chefs!
Kayla M • March 29, 2013

Did you know that the recipe emails that we send out twice a month have been tested by Swanson employees? In order to make sure we’re giving you great tasting, quality recipes, we make them ourselves. Now, it can get a little crazy in the kitchen because we typically make between four and six recipes at a time!

Earlier this month, we were back at it! This time, four self-proclaimed chef’s from the Swanson Web Team made a salad, bread, beverage, snack and dip – all in under six hours! The Swanson Kitchen is actually at my house, so we don’t disturb our coworkers by hogging the kitchen break room at the office.  

Getting Started

Step one was doing some grocery shopping. We got most of our ingredients from our own shelves at Swanson, except for some fresh fruits and vegetables. Can you guess what we'll be making from all these ingredients? I'll keep you in suspense for now, but you know with Bob's Red Mill All Purpose Baking Flour, Nature's All Foods Organic Blueberries, Swanson Tart Cherry Juice and more, it's bound to be good.















Start Cooking!

With five recipes to make in one day, there wasn't a lot of time to waste. Because there were four of us cooking, we each took charge of our own recipes, but worked together to make the first recipe. The first of the day was our homemade fruit snacks. We were all very curious to see how these little gummies would turn out. Although a bit labor intensive, the recipe is simple and you can vary the flavors by changing up your fresh fruit and fruit juice selections. Using Swanson Tart Cherry, Jarrow Pomegranate and Bernard Jensen Grape juices, you'll be surprised with the flavors combinations came up with!

Our second recipe of the day falls under our Bread category. This is the recipe that uses Nature's All Foods Organic Blueberries. This breakfast bread also features Swanson Organic Milled Flaxseed and Bob's Red Mill Rolled Oats. It bakes up into a sweet, filling biscuit that keeps you going all morning.

The next recipe was a flavorful, chunky dip that tastes great on crackers and breads. It was made with a mixture of fresh vegetables, including onions, celery and fennel. Thanks to seasonings from Swanson, it's super flavorful. Doesn't it look delicious as it's sauteeing? As you can see in the images, we're multi-taskers on cooking day. The kettles and blender were being used to make our fruit snacks at the same time!


The next recipe might be my favorite of the day. This bright kale salad also includes fresh veggies like red pepper, cucumber, onion, radishes and celery. A light dressing features Swanson Organic Avocado Oil and Now Foods Maple Syrup (for a little sweetness). Look at those colors pop. Isn't this salad pretty? (And it's pretty good, too!)

The final recipe we made goes under the beverage category. The sweet drink features Woodstock Turbinado Sugar and Swanson Tart Cherry and Black Cherry juices. Any guesses what it is? Here's a hint: this recipe will arrive in your inbox on May 5th!

After a successful day of cooking, all of our recipes turned out deliciously. We even brought some back to the office to share, so they are all Web Team Approved! These healthy recipes will be sent out over the next couple months. Be sure you're signed up to receive recipe emails from Swanson Health Products, so you don't miss out on all the delectable goodness! And one more thing... any volunteers to do the dishes?