test-Alba Botanica Hawaiian Lip Care
Alba Botanica Hawaiian Lip Care
Tara Kessler • March 4, 2011

Have you ever played the game: “What three things would you want if you were stranded on a deserted island?” For me it’s a no-brainer: my answer always includes lip balm. I always have some form of lip care with me. I try to not discriminate: if the lip care product has a smooth texture, natural ingredients, a pleasant taste and doesn’t dry out my lips—I use it.

Passion Fruit Nectar Lip BalmWhen I found the Alba Botanica Passion Fruit Nectar Lip Balm and the Coconut Cream Clear Lip Gloss, I just had to have them. They fit all of the aforementioned criteria, plus they aren’t tested on animals and they don’t contain parabens, phthalates or sulfates. Both are made from organic coconut oil to moisturize and protect. AND, they are from the Hawaiian line, which means they have irresistible, tropical flavors that remind me of beaches and sunshine!

Alba is owned by the parent company, Avalon Natural Products, which was founded on the principles of quality, innovation, integrity and leadership. All Alba products are cruelty-free (never tested on animals) and are 100% vegetarian.

The Passion Fruit Nectar Lip Balm is great for every-day use. The Coconut Cream Clear Lip Gloss dresses up your lips without getting sticky or tacky. I’m not saying that you should only use it for formal events (even though is just enough oomph to do the trick). It’s great for when you want to add a little sparkle without adding color.