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5 Top Reasons I Love Working at Swanson Health Products
Cathleen W. • February 8, 2012
I've been with Swanson Health Products for almost 8 years and time has just zipped by. I've learned so much about natural products from coworkers and customers. My job on the Web team helps me stay focused on my own health & wellness. Find out how in my Top 5 reasons below:
1) Products! The best vitamins & supplements ever! Working on the website, I'm able to see all of the new products that are getting ready to show up online for purchase. I make a list of all the items I'd like to try and rotate them for my weekly employee orders. I have a routine for my regular items as well, I especially like our Lutein & Bilberry, Super EPA fish oil and Super Stress B Complex.
2) Best Customers ever! I worked in the Call Center for my first two years at SHP. I worked the early shift--as in 5am early--and talked with several customers on a regular basis. I learned why people were taking certain products and how they discovered us. I learned so much about the benefits of natural health products--and good conversation-- from just talking with these good folks.
3) Ratings & reviews! As part of the Web team these days, I'm involved in product ratings and reviews written by our best customers. The postive and negative feedback we get is incredibly helpful with product development, quality control and customer service. It's one way I'm able to stay connected to our customers. (The other way is our Facebook fan page, of course!)
4) No need for suits & heels! We have a very casual working environment and the dress code is pretty laid back. I like wearing jeans and comfortable shoes at work. The cold climate and wintery weather tends to lend itself to practical shoes and layers. So for a non-fashionista like myself, this is an outsanding perk. 
5) Our Gym & Wellness Program! Our wellness program motivated me to get more active and our onsite fitness center helps me do just that. Because we have free personal training as part of this program, I really don't have any excuses for not being more phyiscally fit. I'm making a real effort to go and do more weight-bearing exercises and cardio each week. I don't necessarily love exercise, but I do love the fact that I can do this at work.