test-5 Reasons Why I Love Working Here at Swanson Health Products
5 Reasons Why I Love Working Here at Swanson Health Products
Swanson Health • February 6, 2012
My name is Pam. I joined Swanson just over one year ago to lead the HR and Administration team, but have been in Human Resources for over 20 years. I am really enjoying this opportunity at Swanson Health Products to oversee all aspects of HR from staffing to benefits and payroll to employee relations and strategy.

1) I love getting to work closely with the leadership of Swanson, getting to provide coaching, problem-solving, and sometimes training that address their employee and business challenges.

2) I love that so many of our employees are passionate about helping our customers be well. I see our Call Center team members excited to tell our customers and other employees about great products that we offer and our catalog and web marketing teams enthusiastically diving into and sharing research regularly to stay current with health and wellness trends that will impact and benefit our customers.

3) I love that Swanson Health Products is generous in spirit…with our customers (by keeping our prices as low as possible), with our community (through abundant charitable giving), and with our employees (with great employee events, Christmas bonuses, and a wonderful wellness program that includes education, wellness incentives, and a wonderful workout facility with access to a trainer).
4) I love that Swanson still prioritizes relationships and doesn’t only focus on results. There are policies and processes in place in each department to assure compliance and quality work product, but where we can be flexible, accommodate individual needs, and have fun with one another we do that as well. Departments do team building together, share meals together, and even do service projects together.

5) I love that this wonderful company makes it possible (at no cost to me) to come to work early, go to our gym, have a trainer-directed workout with team members, and then have a great place to get ready for the day while talking and laughing about our workout.