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10 Foods You Should Always Keep on Hand
Health Tips • January 25, 2012

It’s hard to eat healthy or come up with healthy snacks on the fly. To make it easier, keep a few healthy ingredients on hand. Keep these foods in stock so you’ll always be ready to provide a guilt-free meal or snack.

  • Whole wheat tortillas with their complex carbs can be turned into a snack by toasting with low-fat shredded cheese or drizzling with agave syrup and cinnamon.
  • Bananas are natural sources of potassium and fiber and are great on their own, over oatmeal or covered in almond butter for flavor-packed healthy goodness.
  • Miso is a fermented soybean paste that can be blended with hot water to make soup, or with other ingredients for tasty marinades for fish and meat or as a salad dressing.
  • Eggs are packed with protein but light on calories. They’re also versatile, with many cooking options for snacks and light dinners.
  • Milk delivers calcium. Keep a carton of your favorite type of milk (nonfat, almond or soy) on hand to use in hot cocoa mixes or nutritious smoothies.
  • Almonds are a great alternative to greasy, crunchy snacks. They're also tasty additions to smoothies, cereals and yogurts.
  • Peanut butter delivers monounsaturated fats and folate. Use it as a spread on pitas or as a dip for celery. Other nut butters (like almond, cashew or walnut) are also good options.
  • Cottage cheese features casein, a protein that keeps you feeling full. To make it even more delicious, add in raw veggies, almonds or fresh fruits.
  • Mushrooms deliver antioxidants. Use them on their own or blend them in with other healthy foods – like in egg omelets or stir fries. More InfoGuide to the Health Benefits of Mushrooms
  • Edamame, the Japanese soybean, features nutrients like calcium and iron, along with several other vitamins and minerals with a mild, nutty flavor. Blend these beans into veggie dips or salads.

Source: Shape