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10 Alternatives to Diet Soda (That Aren’t Water)
Swanson Health • April 20, 2015

Confession: I love diet soda. It doesn’t matter which brand or flavor — if it’s carbonated and contains caffeine, my mouth waters for it.

The desire for a caffeine buzz is the main culprit of my affection for diet soda. I, like an estimated 90% of Americans, consume caffeine on a daily basis.

I’ll drink a cup or two of coffee in the morning and usually stop there, but sometimes that’s not enough. If the energy from my morning intake fades by lunchtime, I face the prospect of dragging through the entire afternoon, which is especially troublesome at work.

Cue diet soda.

It’s cheaper than Starbucks and doesn’t contain as much caffeine, meaning I’ll feel more alert through the afternoon but still sleep at night. And darn it, I love its sweet bubbliness.

One of the main reasons I’ll get on the diet soda bandwagon after quitting it for awhile (sometimes after several months) is that I get bored with drinking plain water. Unless I’m rehydrating after a workout, my taste buds find water unsatisfying.

Unfortunately, most of the drink mixes available at mass-market retailers contain artificial sweeteners — the very things in diet soda that I want to avoid due to health concerns — so I might as well enjoy a soda if I’m not going to avoid chemicals like aspartame.

Most sugary drinks taste too syrupy for me (and aren’t any healthier), so those are out as well.

However, giving in to that alluring diet soda is not the only option. Other alternatives exist.

No matter what your situation — whether you’re looking to reduce your diet soda intake, eliminate it altogether, want caffeine (or not), or can’t live without a bubbly beverage — healthier options are available, and most are available through Swanson!

Like diet soda, these options have few to no calories, but even better: These products might actually have a positive impact on your waistline if that’s why you drink diet soda. Have a look at the following and see what might work for you.


Caffeinated Drinks to Replace Diet Soda

If you’re like me and can’t stand to go through your day without some caffeine, these products are for you.


Regardless of how you take your morning coffee, make sure it’s organic. That way, you can be sure you aren’t drinking a bunch of pesticides along with your cup of joe. Give Swanson Organic House Blend or French Roast ground coffee a try. Check out the benefits of cold brew coffee.

2Green Tea Extract

If you’d like the benefits of green tea and a caffeine boost without drinking it, Swanson offers green tea in capsule form.

3Full-Spectrum Kola Nut, Catuaba and Guarana Capsules

If all you’re looking for is a straightforward caffeine fix, these capsules may be the way to go. You’ll get the energy boost without the artificial sweeteners, thus fighting fatigue with natural ingredients.

4Green Tea

Unlike diet soda, green tea has awesome health benefits! Green tea contains a high amount of Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is an antioxidant that’s efficient at removing free radicals. This tea is 100% Certified Organic and is also available decaffeinated. If you aren’t fond of the taste of green tea, maybe something like Yogi’s Green Tea Lemon Ginger will suit your taste buds.


Not only does eBoost contain an ample amount of natural energy derived from green tea, but it boasts vitamins C, D, B12, zinc and more.


Caffeine Free Diet Soda Alternatives

Maybe you’d rather not be a slave to a caffeine addiction, or you want something you can add to water later in the day that won’t keep you up all night. Great! Swanson has plenty of those options, too.

6Herbal Tea

As mentioned above, the antioxidants in green tea make it a superior option. However, if you’re not a fan of green tea, herbal teas might be worth a try. Most do not contain caffeine and come in a variety of flavors. I highly recommend Yogi Egyptian Licorice Mint tea if you want a sweet, non-caffeinated drink. It smells delightful, too!

7Liquid Stevia

Put simply, liquid stevia is awesome. It’s a staple in my house. You can add it to just about anything for a touch of sweetness without consuming synthetic chemicals. Just a few suggestions include coffee, tea, sparkling water, protein shakes and smoothies.


Teeccino is an herbal, non-acidic, caffeine free alternative to coffee that comes in a variety of flavors and roasts. It can be brewed and served just like coffee. When I tried this product three years ago, I was surprised at just how much it tasted like coffee! I recommend it, but don’t take my word for it — just look at the product reviews!

9Stevia Drink Mixes

Swanson offers a variety of drink mix options that are sweetened with stevia. You might want to try Stevita Drink Mix, NOW Foods Drink Sticks, Stur Water Enhancer, or my personal favorite, True Citrus drink mix.

10If You Want Something Bubbly

Sparkling water is readily available wherever you buy groceries. If you have a SodaStream, you can make your own carbonated water at home. Add a slice of lemon, lime or another fruit of your choosing for a little bit of natural flavor. Or, add a few drops of liquid Stevia for a sweeter taste.

This is not, by any means, a comprehensive list. What do you drink in lieu of diet soda?