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10 Essential Gifts for Readers
Jenna M. • December 18, 2014

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… but mostly it was the best of times because you’re shopping for a reader. As a reader, book blogger and obsessive book collector, I know a thing or two about what a reader might want as a gift besides books. Below are my top 10 choices for reader gifts. Mom, pay attention.

1. Full Spectrum Light Bulb

I know that a light bulb seems like an odd gift for anyone, but the Chromalux Full Spectrum Light Bulb is different from your average bulb. It helps reduce eye stress, which is kind of important considering reader’s eyes need to move across book pages for hours at a time. The bulb also helps promote a relaxing environment, and who doesn’t want that?

2. Book Lovers’ Bookstore Scented Soy Candle

Your reader may prefer to enjoy their book by candlelight, and that’s fine. I support that. They may also love being surrounded by the scent of books. Solution: Bookstore Scented Candle! This candle from Frostbeard fills any room with books, so even e-book lovers can enjoy the scent without the physical overhaul of books. These candles also come in Old Books, the entire Oxford Library (not literally) and Trashy Romance Novel. Check out the Frostbeard shop for all scents.

3. House Blend Fine Ground Organic Coffee

Now that the mood is set, it’s time to drink…coffee, of course! Coffee is one of two favorites among readers (I’ll get to the second favorite later). It’s perfect for maintaining energy on those long readathon days. Swanson House Blend Fine Ground Organic Coffee is a medium roast brew featuring 100% Arabica beans. If your reader likes to go bold like me, Swanson also sells French Roast dark coffee. Whole beans also available in both varieties. This coffee is great for making cold brew coffee.

4. T.S. Eliot Poetry Quote Glass Coffee Mug

Nothing goes better with coffee and reading than a coffee and literary themed mug! The Polecat And The Owl shop has just what you’re looking for. (Anyone catch the James Joyce reference?) This T.S. Eliot Poetry Quote Glass Coffee Mug features a line from Eliot’s poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. Indeed.

5. Green Tea Energy

I know that coffee isn’t for everyone, and that’s why there’s tea! I prefer an energizing tea for readathon days, so I go with Yogi’s Green Tea Energy. This organic tea contains caffeine, which helps restore energy levels, allowing your reader to get through their next book with ease. If your reader isn’t a fan of green tea, Swanson offers several varieties including black, chai, earl grey, hibiscus, oolong, rooibos, tulsi, white and yerba mate.

6. Drink Tea, Read Books, Be Happy Mug

There’s nothing better than focusing on the simple pleasures in life. The Drink Tea, Read Books, Be Happy Mug is perfect for readers focused on what really matters on a reading day — tea, books and happiness. It’s my personal belief that one can never have too many books or mugs. Add this to their collection; they’ll love it. Pinkies up!

7. Pacific Sea Salt Sunflower Seed Snack

It is a truth universally acknowledged that readers love to snack while reading. Other than what we’re reading, the next question readers ask when approaching a readathon is “What are you eating?” Some like salty; others prefer sweet. I prefer salty. Pacific Sea Salt Sunflower Seed Snack from Somersaults are a healthier alternative to chips. Somersaults come in a variety of flavors including cinnamon, Santa Fe salsa, salty pepper and Dutch cocoa.

8. Custom Bookplate Stamp

Readers love loaning out books as much as they love borrowing them. An issue many of us come across is matching a book to its owner by the time we finish a borrowed book. A simple solution for this is a Customized ‘From the Library of’ Bookplate Stamp from Paper Sushi Shop. Your reader can loan books freely without the borrower forgetting who it belongs to. Ingenious!

9. ‘Read More Books’ Wooden Bookmark

Thinking your reader doesn’t need another bookmark is like thinking they don’t need another book. It’s pure blasphemy. I’ve never known a reader to turn down a bookmark no matter how many they already own. This ‘Read More Books’ Wooden Bookmark from Lillytales Shop is a gentle reminder that you need more books, and here’s a bookmark for them. Bonus: Lillytales Shop also sells Harry Potter themed bookmarks. I bought four. No regrets.

10. ‘I Would Prefer Not To’ Tote

If your reader hasn’t completely transferred their library to an online format, they’re going to need something to haul all these books in on their daily adventures. There’s a tote for that. Totes are a reader’s best friend. The ‘I Would Prefer Not To’ Tote from Melville House is a personal favorite. The site brags that their tote can hold a waffle iron or a French bulldog, but I think a large stack of books will work just as well.

What are your favorite gifts for readers?