test-Why Can't I Take Tonalin CLA and Chitosan Together?
Why Can't I Take Tonalin CLA and Chitosan Together?
Vitamins and Supplements FAQs • March 30, 2011
Question: Why can't I take chitosan and Tonalin® CLA and chitosan together? They both sound like just what I need for my weight-loss program.

The reason you can't take Tonalin CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) with chitosan is that chitosan absorbs dietary fat, and CLA is a fatty acid derived from the safflower. Since chitosan doesn't discriminate between good fat (CLA) and bad fat (ice cream), the benefits of the CLA will be lost if they're taken together.

My suggestion is to use CLA as directed (two softgels, three times per day), and use the chitosan as needed. If you know you're going to consume a particularly fatty meal, skip the CLA and take the chitosan. But don't use the chitosan on an everyday basis. You may also want to carry some with you so you're prepared for any unexpected trips to Krispy Kreme!

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