test-Taper Time: Team Swanson Heads into the Final Stretch
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Taper Time: Team Swanson Heads into the Final Stretch
Ben H. • May 9, 2013

The Fargo Marathon is just about a week away now, and Team Swanson is definitely in the home stretch. It’s been fun to track their progress over the past few weeks, and we’re all excited to see their hard work pay off on May 18th!

Let’s take a look at their updates from their last full week of prep...


Nathan—Half Marathon Runner

The final countdown is now on as the race is almost here. I can’t help but check the forecast and hope for good weather. My training last week went great and I feel confident that I am ready for the race. I have been trying to do all of my runs outside (weather cooperating) as most of my training early on was done on a treadmill. A few years ago I did all of my training on a treadmill before running a half-marathon outside in late April, so I’m not worried about it affecting me but it’s nice to get use to the North Dakota wind and weather elements. 

My training plan now has me now starting the tapering process which will allow my legs to stay loose but hopefully feel 100% and not tired come race day. Although some might think the tapering process involves not running, I like to just shorten my distances and become more attentive to how my legs feel. If my legs are feeling good I will pick up the pace a little, however if my legs are sore or tight I tend to take it a little easier. After co-worker suggestions and reading our customer’s reviews on our website I am going to start using Swanson Ultra Chocolate Whey Protein Powder for post-workout shakes. I need to start giving my body the fuel it needs to recover and I expect this to do the trick.


Kurt—Half Marathon Runner

I managed to put in an 11 mile run on Saturday and even surprised myself with my time – 82 minutes. My stretch goal heading into the ½ marathon was to complete it in under 90 minutes, so the long run has given me confidence that I can accomplish that if I stay healthy. My plan for this week is not to push myself too hard and stick to shorter, less strenuous runs. I’d hate to burn myself out 10 days from marathon day. I’ll run a little bit further this weekend - probably 7 or 8 miles - but I’ll keep my pace down a bit.

I also want to fit in a couple more cycling sessions to compliment my runs. I’m hoping it helps strengthen my legs before the race. I’m not worried about changing my diet up too much at this point, but I will be reminding myself to keep drinking plenty of water. Other than that I just need to be sure I’m getting my rest and getting the playlist ready.


Chris—Half Marathon Runner

Finished up my last 9 mile run for the training period, feels good to be getting done with training – I’m anxious for the race. Started the day with my new routine. 1 piece of toast, a little orange juice and 2 FRS energy chews. The run was strong, but the wind was stronger – definitely worked myself on this run but I maintained a race pace and pushed it out. I followed up my run with a new product I was given from BPI Sports Blox Lemonade.  What a wonderful product – tasted like lemon lime cool-aid, woke up the next morning and my legs/knees felt wonderful. I’m going to try it after this weekend’s run and see if it wasn’t a fluke though. Monday’s run was wonderful – I felt strong, pace was good legs warmed up quickly and it was over before I knew it.

Unfortunately I’m coming down with a nasty cold, it came on within a couple hours and I can just feel it taking over slowly. I’m starting to get worried that all this training is going to be for naught. I’m supplementing with high doses of Swanson vitamin C, Sambucol black elderberry, some Planetary Herbals Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup, lots of liquids and rest. I’m hoping I can burn it out of my system quickly so it won’t affect race day!


Rachel—Relay Runner

I’m ready! I’m not ready! I’m ready! I’m not ready! Yep, race day just needs to get here already. I got some good and bad news last week when the final race route was published. My leg of the race went from being the first runner on our team to doing the last leg. Yay! Though I think it’s going to be pretty weird joining in with the hard core marathoners on what for them will be mile 18 (gulp). Hopefully they don’t hate on the relay runners. So yeah, that was the good news. The bad news is that my leg went from being a little over 7 miles to 7.8 miles. For some reason that is totally freaking me out. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’ve done half marathons in the past and that I got this. And my team will support me (go insert team name here!). Yeah, I just need to quit whining and just remember to enjoy the ride. 


Kaitlin—Relay Runner

This week I got my run up to 5 miles without a problem. Joints are feeling good and recovery times are better, I attribute this to L-Arganine and the combo Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM as well as new shoes with better arch support. However, I’m still anxious about hitting the 6 mile mark for my 6.5 mile run. I’m counting on adrenaline to get me the last half mile on race day! My plan for the week before the race is to titrate down after one final 6 mile run! I’ve canceled training sessions on both Tuesday and Thursday to save my legs and to get an extra hour to sleep in. I’m learning every ounce of energy counts when you’re pushing your body to new levels! I have also scheduled a massage for the Friday before the race for an extra bit of relaxation.



Scott—Relay Runner

I can’t believe the marathon relay is here in just over a week and I still haven’t found a way to get an outside run in! I’m a little worried about that, but my miles and training have been good indoors. I got 13 miles in last week over three runs and I’ve had a couple of strength training sessions.  

I plan on getting outside on Thursday and hopefully getting up to six miles in. I think a couple shorter runs, in the 4 mile range will be it for the actual race week. Having run these kinds of races a handful of times before, I know I end up running better and farther than I think I can. Part of it is the atmosphere, the crowd and adrenaline. It also helps to run with a bunch of people in a place I don’t usually run. It’s easy to get distracted and forget about the miles rolling by. I hope that’s the case!