test-Laci Le Beau Cleansing and Detoxification Teas for Weight Loss
Laci Le Beau Cleansing and Detoxification Teas for Weight Loss
Guest Bloggers • January 20, 2011

It’s that time of year again. A time for new resolutions, embracing a new season, and for many, embarking on the journey of weight loss and cleansing. The body has the task of constantly filtering and removing environmental toxins that we ingest through air, water, and food. What’s more, many people have accumulated a little extra weight through the fall and winter months. Here’s the skinny on some tried and true solutions to help you cleanse your body and kick-start your healthy, natural weight loss at the same time.†

Eat More Roughage
Fiber is enemy #1 for toxins that are constantly traveling through your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The longer food stays in your GI tract, the more time potential toxins have to wreak havoc on intestinal cells. Whole-grains, nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits and vegetables provide roughage that keeps your system clean. As an added bonus, fiber-rich foods help fill you up and are typically low in calories, two key essentials for natural weight loss help.

Drink More Water
Although water has received some bad press lately because of the potentially high levels of toxins it may contain, the fact is our body requires water every day. Water is critical to the detoxification process and, as a substitute for higher-calorie beverages, it can help with weight loss. Experts continue to recommend a minimum of 6 to 8 cups of purified water daily. Thankfully, teas and soups can help you meet this quota.

Time For Tea
Most people don’t realize that an enjoyable cup of tea can be the perfect companion for dieters. Senna, the key ingredient in Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea, offers a key benefit for dieters by helping support the “detox and cleansing” phase of their program while at the same time giving dieters a flavorful, low calorie, beverage that provides all natural, soothing results for occasional constipation.†













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