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Try Non-GMO, Fermented Whole-Food Multis!

Taking a Stand on Non-GMO! New ChapterĀ® has long been committed to avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs). More than 85% of their products have already been granted verified status by the Non-GMO Project. They are the first vitamin and supplement company to achieve this extraordinary depth of verification. New Chapter is proud to be a leading advocate of the Non-GMO movement in the industry.

Whole-Food Multi for Women 40+
I love this vitamin for its organic/natural ingredients and its overall effectiveness. -digitalmagistra
Women's Whole-Food Multi
My daughter loves these vitamins! They don't upset her stomach like other vitamins and she feels great taking them. -Hollyaz
Men's Whole-Food Multi
This is an excellent whole-food organic multivitamin. Once you've gone whole-food organic, you'll never look back. -Colt45Justice
Whole-Food Multi for Men 40+
Husband has been taking this vitamin for 60 days, he says he feels better & has more energy. -Livingbetter
Whole-Food Multi for Women 40+
I love these vitamins. They are whole foods ones. No upset stomach when taking them. -crowbar
Whole-Food Multi for Men 40+
I like the fact that this product is made up of whole foods -Lindyupnorth
Non-GMO Prenatal Multi
This product was recommended to me by my gyno, and I am grateful for the more reasonable pricing offered by Swansons. -MTyogi
Multi for Women's Health
I highly recommend this brand. I've been taken them for 2 weeks now and I can really see the difference in my mood, I feel calmer, relaxed and have no fatigue at all. -kola2004
Non-GMO Women's Multivitamin
The best formulation, no upset stomach, one pill, once a day -Charles
Women's Daily for 40+
I am happy with the overall ingredients -Lourdes
Targeted Male Nutrition
Non-GMO Prenatal Vitamin
What a great prenatal-or multi vitamin for that matter. It has such great ingredients in it-compare lables people! Highly recommend this product. -southernbelle2000
Non-GMO Male Multi
we like NC but for what you pay, it can be not so great/ but w/ Swan it is okay for the price. -choicejoyce
Targeted Female Nutrition
I will definately keep taking these! -cometchick
Targeted Nutrition for Men 40+
Non-GMO Prenatal Vitamin
I am very satisfied with these vitamins. I think they are the best on a market. -Svetlana75
Non-GMO Multivitamin for Women
These multivitamins were just what I was looking for! I needed a multivitamin that absorbs easily and doesn't upset my stomach and I got it! -Collier
Men's Multi with Prostate Support
Whole-Food Men's Multi
Women's Multi with Fermented Soy
Immune Health Multivitamin
Non-GMO Prenatal Multi
I took this and it gave me great energy. -alexenduance1
Targeted Nutrition for Men
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