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Choosing the best vitamins and supplements for children can be tricky. Ideally, your kids would be getting all the nutrition they need from their diet, but with picky eaters and busy schedules, it’s important to consider that the foods they eat (or are willing to eat) may not be providing enough of the essential vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients they need to keep their bodies healthy and immune systems strong.

Vitamins can make a big difference in supporting the overall health and well-being of your kids. Trying to select the right children’s supplements can be difficult, but the best place to start is with a high-quality, targeted multivitamin and mineral supplement.

(Note: It is important to discuss any supplementation plan with your family doctor or pediatrician who is familiar with your child’s health history and individual needs.)

Children’s Multivitamins

Children’s Chewable

Proper nutrition is especially important during the formative years when most growth and development take place. This children’s chewable multivitamin features a well-rounded formula with 10 essential vitamins and minerals at dosage levels suitable for children of all ages. Kids will love the fun animal shapes in great-tasting orange-, cherry- and grape-flavored tablets.

Rhino Gummies

If your child has tried chewable vitamins but didn’t like the taste or texture, Nutrition Now’s Rhino Gummy Bear Vitamins may be the answer. Each two-gummy-bear serving provides essential vitamins, including A, C, D and E. Plus, this children’s vitamin has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Rhino Gummy Bears come in grape, lemon and cherry flavors.


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Immune Health

After selecting the best multivitamin for your child’s needs, you should next think about their immune systems. Maintaining a strong immune system helps your child grow and develop at a normal, healthy rate.


Bio-Certified Sambucus Black Elderberry can provide year-round defense for your child’s immune system. The dark berries of European black elder (Sambucus nigra L.) have been used as a winter remedy for centuries. In recent years, medical researchers have proven its efficacy in clinical trials. The high potency of BioActives® constituents in Nature's Way's Sambucus standardized black elderberry extract are proven to be bioavailable and active within the body for optimal effectiveness. This berry-flavored immune support supplement is Kosher certified and gluten free and contains no artificial preservatives.

Sea Buddies Immune Defense

Sea Buddies Immune Defense delivers elderberry, zinc and vitamins C, B6 and A to support the immune system and help your kids when they need it most. Plus, it’s safe to take every day. Best of all, your kids will love the flavor of these delicious, chewable SparkleBerry tablets.

Omega-3s & Probiotics

Now that you’ve developed the foundation of your children’s healthy supplementation program with a quality multivitamin and an immune system supplement, you can focus on the specific nutritional needs of your children. First up are omega-3s and probiotics.

Omega-3 supplements aren’t just for adults! In fact, these essential fatty acids contain a specific nutrient called DHA that is an essential nutrient for supporting healthy brain development. Unlike some supplements like strong-tasting cod liver oil, today’s omega-3 supplements for kids taste great and are easy to take.

Probiotic supplements help make the most out of any diet, including your kids’. A good probiotic contains millions of tiny bacteria that help natural digestive systems perform efficiently when breaking down foods and making the nutrients available for the rest of your body to use. While they can be found in foods like yogurt and fortified milk, probiotic supplements offer the same digestive support without the added sugar.

Children’s DHA

DHA, an omega-3 essential fatty acid, is everywhere these days for good reason. DHA provides potent support for brain development and visual function. This award-winning, naturally flavored cod liver oil has been taste tested and approved by children. Plus, it contains healthy levels of naturally occurring vitamins A and D. Molecularly distilled for purity, Children’s DHA Liquid has the highest omega-3 level of any cod liver oil and is enhanced with strawberry flavor for a great taste kids will love.


This children’s probiotic supplement is designed specifically for ages 2 to 12. Primadophilus for Kids chewable tablets contain a special blend of Bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus rhamnosus. These tasty cherry-flavored tablets are a great way to ensure that your child is getting the necessary friendly flora to maintain a healthy balance in the intestines and support optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients.

More Natural Health Products for Kids

With a combination of the above children’s vitamins and supplements, you’ve taken a great step toward supporting your child’s overall health and wellness with natural vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. You could stop here and be fine, but there are two more great products worth mentioning.

The first is a homeopathic supplement designed to promote healthy, restful sleep for children. Sleep is so important to healthy development, and it should not be overlooked. The Hyland’s formula below is an aspirin and acetaminophen free formula that is great for sleep, irritability and wakefulness.

The second product is a natural shampoo and wash designed specifically for kids. It comes from a name you know and trust: Burt’s Bees. It’s a safe, gentle, tear free formula that enhances bath time with natural, paraben free cleansing.

Calm 'N Restful

Hyland's helps your child relax and rejuvenate with the natural homeopathic sleep supplement Calm 'N Restful. These quick-dissolving tablets address the causes that inhibit a child from sleeping well. Your child won't wake up groggy like he or she might when given over-the-counter drugs containing diphenhydramine. Formulated just for kids ages 2 to 12, Calm 'N Restful safely and effectively counteracts mental and physical restlessness in children.

Shampoo & Wash

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash is a pure, tear free formula containing a gentle cleansing blend of coconut and sunflower oils. It features soy protein to nourish and moisturize and sugar esters to soothe and soften for an all-in-one shampoo and wash that will leave your baby naturally clean and soft. This product is pH balanced and sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate and phthalate free.

Natural Health Products for Your Baby

Did you know that Swanson Health Products carries natural health products for babies? We have several natural and homeopathic products that could make your life easier by providing the soothing comfort infants often need. The following three baby products are some of our favorites from brand names you trust.

Diaper Ointment

Another great natural baby product helps to soothe your baby's bottom. Earth's Best Diaper Ointment is made with a natural blend of nourishing vitamin E, aloe and calendula to calm and soothe even the most delicate skin. Olive and jojoba oils and zinc oxide combine to form a natural moisture barrier to help keep babies dry and comfortable. This product is paraben, petrolatum and mineral oil free, and it has not been tested on animals.

Gripe Water

Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water is one of the first natural herbal supplements used to ease mild and occasional gas and stomach discomfort. Made with organic ginger and fennel, Gripe Water is a favorite of parents everywhere. Bliss By Mom introduced natural, alcohol free Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water to the American market over six years ago, and now this European and Asian favorite can help ease your baby's discomfort.


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