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What Workout Supplements Can Improve Your Results?
Swanson Staff • December 16, 2022

Which Workout Supplements Should I Take?

It’s no secret that physical activity can be taxing on the body. Fitness routines are one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so it makes sense to want to get as much out of your workout routines as possible.

However, the world of workout supplements is vast and there are plenty of options that provide very little benefit or are loaded with sugar. If you’re looking for clear answers for what supplements to take when it comes to your exercise routine, our experts have some science-backed picks for you.

Why Take Workout Supplements?

There can be multiple reasons for taking workout supplements—it all depends on your fitness goals. Some people take workout supplements to help build and maintain muscle, while others may be looking for more energy throughout their workouts. Recovery routines are also important for helping the body rest and recuperate, and nutrients can play a role there too.

But in a nutshell, most workout supplements are taken before, during or after exercise to help streamline results by optimizing the benefits from your hard work. While there is nothing wrong with excluding supplements from your daily physical activities, there is something to be said about getting more bang for your buck when you include these vitamins in your routine.

Studies have suggested that some workout supplements like caffeine and creatine may work better than others, so keep an eye out for ingredients that are backed by science to help you on your fitness journey.

Best Reasons to Take Workout Supplements:

  • Muscle gains and maintenance
  • Sustained energy
  • Muscle recovery
  • Weight loss and management

Types of Workout Supplements

Not all workout supplements are created the same. It’s important to identify your fitness goals so that supplementation meets your needs and can help propel you in the right direction. You can also combine supplements for a routine—for example, if you’re looking to bulk up you can reach for protein and creatine to help put on muscle and keep it.

Muscle Growth and Maintenance Supplements

Supplements for Sustained Energy

Supplements for Muscle Recovery

  • BCAAs: Studies suggest that taking BCAAs before and after exercise can help decrease exercise-induced muscle fatigue and promote muscle-protein synthesis4
  • Creatine: May enhance post-workout recovery and injury prevention5

Supplements for Weight Loss Management

When to Take Workout Supplements

The time you take your workout supplements is important for the best results. Pre-workout supplements will have very different effects from post-workout supplements, so be sure to take them at the appropriate time in order to maximize your routine.


During Workout


Workout Supplements for Men Vs Women

While both men and women can take any of the supplements we’ve touched on, there are also gender-focused supplements that can help you zero in on your goals as well. For men, testosterone supporters may be something that would be of interest, whereas women may turn to collagen for some extra bone and joint support.

We hope these science-backed options provide some clarity when it comes to finding workout supplements that fit your needs.

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